EarthX Film Festival highlights Texas films

EarthX Film Festival

The 2022 EarthX Film Festival shines a spotlight on Texas, celebrating the filmmakers and stories associated with the Lone Star State. Films showcasing the beauty and diverse environment found across Texas, the impact of the boom and oil crash on small towns, and the hidden cost of fast fashion are scheduled for the four-day festival.

The EarthX Film Festival will be held May 12-15 in the Dallas Arts District and will screen more than 75 feature films and short documentaries. The films celebrate nature, the environment, conservation and adventure in the outdoors. They also honor those heroes who work to protect our planet.

deep in the heart

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Ben Masters, this visually stunning celebration of Texas’ diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife found nowhere else. The film is told through the eyes of wildlife species that range from the mysterious blind catfish to the elusive mountain lion. It follows our ever-changing relationship with the natural world and how we affect it. Narrated by Texan Matthew McConaughey, the film aims to protect our remaining wild places. “Deep in the Heart” also acknowledges the importance of preserving Texas on a continental level. The film is 103 minutes long and is directed by award-winning director and writer Ben Masters.

EarthX Film Festival highlights Texas
EarthX Film Festival

Battle for the heart of Texas

Landowners and county officials were in the dark when, in September of 2018, Kinder Morgan announced the construction of the Permian Highway Pipeline, a 420-mile natural gas pipeline that runs through Texas. When the news was announced, one thing would become clear: if a private company could exercise the power of the eminent domain, the private equity would no longer exist in the same state that these rights are considered sacred. Battle for the Heart of Texas explores the tension that arises between individuals, businesses, and government – and ultimately how it affects the Earth itself. The film is directed by John Claiborne Brown, who grew up on the Texas and Louisiana borders, and the film runs for 80 minutes.

Ants and bells

Anita Chitaya has many gifts. She can help fetch copious amounts of food from dead soil, educate men about gender equality and end child hunger in her village. Now, to save her home from harsh weather, she faces the biggest challenge: convincing Americans that climate change is real. While traveling from Malawi to the White House, she meets climate skeptics and desperate farmers. Anita’s journey highlights the power of conversation and empathy in the mission to protect Mother Earth in the Ants and the Grasshopper. Directed by: Raj Patel and Zack Piper, the duration of the film is 74 minutes.

When it’s good, it’s good

A filmmaker returns to her hometown of West Texas to document the effects of the boom and bust nature of the oil industry. She documents the political transformation that took place in her family over five years and two electoral cycles. An intimate portrait of place, family, memory, politics and economics, centered around an oil city called Denver City, Texas. The documentary is directed by Alejandra Vasquez, a Mexican-American filmmaker who grew up in West Texas. The short documentary is 16 minutes long.

The monster in our wardrobe

We are wearing fossil fuels. The fashion industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined. The Monster in Our Closet documents how a determined lawyer, surfer developer, and climate savvy reporter work to tackle the problem of plastic in fashion by supporting solutions through policy, design, and individual action. Directors: Catherine Francis and Nicole Gormley, the short documentary is 27 minutes long.

EarthX Film Festival Highlights Texas
EarthX Film Festival

80ยบ NORTH follows a group of international artists as they explore the Arctic island chain of Svalbard. Against dramatic natural backdrops, the artists share their hopes, fears, and visions about facing an environment undergoing radical change. Director Brandon Holmes (New York-based film director who grew up in Texas), 15-minute run.

EarthX Film Festival

EarthX Film Festival 2022 is four days of interactive film, music, programs, and environmental events located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, from May 12-15. Our mission is to spread awareness of the environmental crisis in order to create honest action at the individual and societal level; To inspire local and global change about how we humans affect our home planet and our fellow beings. For information, visit

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