Apple Clear Case with MagSafe for iPhone Review

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  • Apple’s Clear Case with MagSafe has protected your iPhone 13 Pro Max from multiple drops.
  • The case only suffered a slight corner break, but the iPhone was unharmed.
  • Even better, the case hasn’t started to turn yellow in the seven months I’ve used it so far.

Transparent cases are an ideal choice if you want to keep the color selection of your iPhone visible while adding protection.

As such, I’ve been using the Apple iPhone 13 Clear Case with MagSafe ($49) with our iPhone 13 Pro Max review unit since it was released back in September 2021, and I can safely say it’s an excellent case that comes highly recommended.

The Apple Clear Case for iPhone is a soft and hard plastic shell with a softer flexible material on the volume and power buttons.

A hand holding iPhone 13 Pro Max in a transparent MagSafe case is tilted to reveal the buttons on its side.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max side of the Apple Clear Case with MagSafe fits nicely in hand.

Antonio Villas Boa / Insider

Apple’s MagSafe magnets are on the back, which means the case works seamlessly with MagSafe chargers and accessories.

The hard plastic means it’s not as easy to grip as silicone cases, or those with extra handles, like Speck’s Presidio Perfect-Clear Case with Grips. Some prefer clutch bags for added peace of mind. However, I like simple, smoother cases that are easy to slip in and out of pockets and show off as much of your bare iPhone as possible. However, despite its smoothness, the Clear Case offers a greater grip than the iPhone alone.

However, the Clear Case’s smooth plastic can slip out of some pants pockets.

Hand holding iPhone 13 Pro Max to show the charging port and speakers in the transparent MagSafe case.

The bottom edge of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the Apple Clear Case with MagSafe leaves more than enough room for charging.

Antonio Villas Boa / Insider

I’ve never had a problem with the iPhone sticking out of pockets when sitting, except when I’m wearing my enforced home uniform of baggy sweatpants. There is no doubt that the iPhone I used with Apple’s Clear Case she has I fell out of my sweatpants pocket a few times, mostly from a typical chair height, while I’m sitting on the floor playing with my daughter, and even when I’m in my car.

I wouldn’t say the Clear Case made the iPhone more slippery than it is without a cover, but it also doesn’t help keep the phone in your pockets either.

Apple’s Clear Case has protected my iPhone from several moderate drops.

Hand holds iPhone 13 Pro Max to the side to reveal the volume buttons on the transparent MagSafe case.

iPhone 13 Pro Max in Apple’s Clear Case with MagSafe has a lip that extends beyond the screen.

Antonio Villas Boa / Insider

After several drops from waist height (about three feet), the iPhone 13 Pro Max I’ve been using is completely damage-free. The transparent case has a slight sign of damage in the lower left corner, but the iPhone is still secure and the crack is barely visible.

It’s unclear if the Clear Case will protect the iPhone from higher drops, as I haven’t tried it. But the Clear Case’s medium-thick body was undoubtedly protective in normal daily use, and I’m sure this iPhone would be in worse shape without it.

Hand holds iPhone 13 Pro Max in the transparent MagSafe case to show the back.

The lower left corner of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Apple’s Clear Case with MagSafe shows a slight crack here.

Antonio Villas Boa / Insider

Best of all, there is no sign of yellowing yet.

One of the main concerns regarding the widely shared clear cases is whether the condition turns yellow over time. I am happy to report that for the past seven months of daily use, the Clear Case with MagSafe from Apple has shown no signs of turning yellow.

Close-up of the three iPhone 13 Pro Max cameras.

iPhone 13 Pro Max in Apple’s Clear Case with MagSafe has a lip that also extends beyond the camera.

Antonio Villas Boa / Insider

However, although the Clear Case does not yellow and keeps the design of your iPhone visible, the interior can become visibly bleak over time. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied with a little water and a rubbing of tissue paper now and then.

Overall, I highly recommend the Apple Clear Case with MagSafe for iPhone, whether you have an iPhone 13 series or an iPhone 12 series.

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