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[Working] Top 10 Ways to Fix Vibrations Not Working on Android

Vibrations play a vital role in providing alerts and notifications. If your phone stays in your pocket most of the time, you definitely don’t want this feature to malfunction. In this reading, we have listed the top 10 ways to fix vibrations not working on Android smartphones.

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Ways to Fix Vibrations Not Working on Android

Disable Silent / Do Not Disturb Mode on your device

One of the most common reasons behind the vibration issue on Android phones is a file Active silent mode. Silent / Active DND mode suppresses all incoming alerts and notifications including vibration. You need to make sure that silent mode is disabled on your Android device.

1. Open a file Settings app on your Android device and tap sound and vibrations to choose.

2. Scroll down Settings on the next page and make sure to switch to Do not interrupt turned off.

Some Android manufacturers also offer a file silent toggle switch To enable or disable the silent / DND profile. Make sure the toggle switch is set to ringer mode if there is a dedicated hardware button.

Turn on vibration feedback to fix vibrations

It is possible that you may lose your device vibration due to Vibration disabled notes. Follow these easy steps to make sure that Vibrate and Haptics are turned on for incoming alerts and notifications.

1. Open a file Settings app and search for Vibrations and tactile force to configure it.

2. Make sure the toggle switch for Ring, Notification and Touch Vibrate is turned on employment.

Test the intensity of vibration on your Android phone

If you suspect that there are vibration issues with your Android smartphone, you can test it by tweaking it Vibration intensity. Follow these steps for an easy fix.

1. Open a file Settings app and search for Vibration intensity option to configure it.

2. Next, tap on the Vibration Intensity option and set slider Ring, notification and touch to test the vibration on your device.

Do a vibration test with free third-party apps

There are plenty of free and effective third-party Android apps that offer vibration motor testing on your Android device. One of these popular apps is called Vibration test With it, you can easily test the vibration function of your smartphone.

1. Open the Google Play Store and search for the Vibrations-Test app to install it.

2. Next, open the app and tap on power button In the lower right corner to test the vibration motor on your device.

3. Once you press it, your phone will start vibrating. You can also set vibration time And pause time Through the respective sliders to test the vibrations at different levels.

Fix app-specific vibration issues

If you are experiencing vibration issues with a certain app on your Android phone, you should check it properly Vibration privileges.

1. Open the Settings app and scroll down to unlock Application management.

2. Next, tap on Application List And locate the app to fix relevant vibration issues.

3. Further, tap on Manage notifications And make sure to turn on the vibration switch for incoming notifications employment.

Access to service test mode to check the vibration motor

All Android devices have a file Service test mode With it, you can easily test the hardware components of the device. You can activate this mode by dialing a specific code based on your mobile phone manufacturer.

1. Open the dialer app on your Android phone and ask for the following code *#*#64663#*#* (If you are using a Redmi device).

2. The Hardware Test window will open immediately. If you are having problems asking for this code to open the test window, you can check the secret code based on your device manufacturer.

3. Press Vibration test option To test the vibration motor on your Android device.

4. Further, tap on the on-screen options to test the vibration on your device. Upon successful testing, you will notice a green tick in front of the corresponding test.

5. Alternatively, if you see a file Red Cross mark, this may indicate a problem with the vibration motor on the device.

Reboot/reboot your Android phone

If you started experiencing the vibration issue on your phone recently, then Reboot It may fit the phone. Follow this quick guide to restart or restart your Android phone.

Reset system settings to fix vibrations on Android

Sometimes an incomplete or incompatible system update can change the system settings which in turn causes issues with the vibration capabilities of your Android device. To fix it and bring it back to normal, you have to Reset current system settings on your device.

1. Open a file Settings app And look for the Reset system settings option to configure it.

2. Next, tap on Reset system settings Enter your device passcode to clear the current system settings.

Boot into safe mode

You can also test the vibration motor on your Android device by booting the system into it Safe Mode. Follow these quick steps to boot your Android device in safe mode.

Upon successful startup, you can test your device vibration by following the above methods.

Check your device for updates

Another effective way to fix the vibration not working issue on your Android device is to check and update the phone to latest version. Updating your phone will fix all the issues and glitches that cause issues with your device’s vibration motor.

1. Open a file Settings app and scroll down to click on a file Software update option.

2. Further, tap on Check for updates button Allows the phone to check for any available updates. Hit the Download and Install button to install any recently received update for your device.

Bonus Tip: Reset Your Android Device

If you are still unable to fix the vibration not working issue on your Android phone, then you should try to erase it completely by giving it a factory reset. If the problem persists, try to visit your nearest dedicated center Service Center to get a solution.

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