Web 3 is being used in new ways in the film and fitness sector

Fantico, a digital platform part of Vistas Media Capital, is set to launch its metaverse – called VistaVerse – at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kamal Hassan’s new movie, Vikram, is the vehicle used to launch the digital sphere. The process will start with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for items in and around the movie, a utility-based NFT that is reported to have many benefits.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of Vikram NFTs in VistaVerse, which are the first utility-based NFTs with multiple owner benefits. “We believe VistaVerse is India’s first real and tangible metaverse project, backed by 350 creative enthusiasts across seven Vistas Media Capital owned businesses,” says Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO of Vistas Media Capital.


VistaVerse currently has several partnerships with production houses, celebrities, game companies, musicians and brands to strengthen the backbone of the new Metaverse.

In a statement about the platform’s capabilities, the company said: “We will offer many additional amenities to buyers, such as access to unique character artwork, digital avatars, props, stickers, mystery boxes, movie memorabilia, fan interaction moments, special offers, and access to − Invitation only, even to a mobile VistaDome party, along with the option to convert some NFTs into actual basic tangible assets.”

The film stars Kamal Hassan, Vijay Sethupati, Fahd Fasil, and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. The NFTs will launch on May 18, 2O22.

Kamal Hassan stated of the upcoming release: “It has been a pleasure to be a part of Fantico, and I look forward to VistaVerse, uniquely positioned to create a bridge between fans and talented, and built on the platform today’s youth connect with. This will set the standard for more creators to use. this disruption of content by Blockchain in their future endeavours.”

New ways to integrate NFTs

Likewise with the Metaverse in the unique location of Vistas comes another example of innovation in the space.


Step App is the first app on the “move2earn” protocol. A blockchain-based game that allows users to buy NFT sneakers to start playing (running). When users play the game, the app tracks their movement through GPS on their mobile phones and rewards them with in-app codes called KCAL.

These tokens can later be traded against other larger crypto assets, allowing users to make their profits. Effectively you will be able to earn money through exercise.

Step App CEO Kirill Volgin said of the concept, “The NFT economy has led to a variety of ups and downs in the past few months. Most notable has been the dominance of GameFi products and the metaverse for much of 2021.”

“Last year’s best performing assets fit into these segments. FitFi is in the cross-section of making the physical and the digital; it is the culmination of a physical (fitness) experience within the metaverse, through the use of NFTs and geolocation technology.”


critical quote

Regarding VistaVerse, venture capital, and the role of larger players in the decentralized blockchain space, Volgin added, “There has been a strong debate about the role of venture capital in Web 3. If ownership is decentralized, it is likely that large organizations will not own large stakes in the protocols.” “.

“The community has been vocal about this issue. In keeping with the future of web3, we are managing the initial distribution of tokens in one of the most equitable models possible rather than offering tokens to VCs first, everyone is given an equal and fair opportunity to join the action, on the same terms.”


In addition, the team is building the first protocol for move2earn. Step.app is the first app, but the protocol will be open for everyone to come and build on it.”

Regarding the capabilities of VistaVerse, Volgin was positive in saying that any overall positive market adoption but a leading presence in anything will always be a challenge.

“The developer experience for Web3 is riddled with inconveniences, including bloating, lack of protocol standards, limited support for other platforms, and more.”

“These issues are not spoken outside of the Web3 developer community. To shed light on some of these issues, let’s dive into some of the most common issues for Web3 creators.”

“It’s always difficult to create a scalable infrastructure for Web 3,” he added.

With over 80,000 pre-registrations and beta releases scheduled for this quarter. Hopefully Volgin will make the app a success and continue pushing for other concepts like VistaVerse.


Volgin concluded that Web3 is upon us and it is spreading like wildfire. The world is no longer waiting to see how a blockchain-based future will emerge and crack more than the cryptocurrency lottery.”

“The decentralized layer of web infrastructure affects how business is run, how funding is handled, how charitable donations are raised, how art is bought and sold, and how brands are marketed.”

“If you are a business owner and want to dive into Web3 while watching the fast pace of cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFT, you may find the scene a little intimidating, or you may not be clear about the vital importance of Web3.”


“Don’t listen to the naysayers’ advice. Just because they didn’t succeed, doesn’t mean you can’t!”

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