Best weather apps for Android

One of the best apps that you can have on your smartphone or tablet is a good weather app. Knowing the weather forecast can be a real necessity, and mobile apps make that very convenient. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best weather apps available on Android.

For those of us on Android devices, there are a lot of different options when it comes to weather apps. The majority of available applications offer similar capabilities, such as 5- or 10-day forecasts, live radar, and other weather conditions.

But it is important to find the right app for you. Whether you want a more personalized experience tailored to your everyday life or a more comprehensive option with lots of information, finding the right weather app can be challenging. Here are some of the best options available today.

yahoo weather

Yahoo Weather is an Android weather app that doesn’t count on many bells and whistles to get the job done. There are no tricks here, just the weather.

Yahoo Weather app gives you all the necessary detailed weather information. You’ll get wind speeds, chances of rain, and up to ten-day weather forecasts, all from the convenience of the app.

In addition, using the plus sign in the upper right corner allows you to add additional locations to your prospects. You can have up to 20 locations saved. Yahoo Weather keeps the app alive with automatic images from Flickr to represent the current weather at your location.

Islands weather

CARROT Weather has long been an exclusive app for iOS devices. Now, the parody weather app is also available on the Play Store, bringing its barbs to Android devices for the first time.

The app pulls weather data from Dark Sky to provide accurate weather forecasts. But what sets CARROT apart is how it keeps up with the weather.

The CARROT Weather app has a slider where you can decide how silly the app is. The forecast will provide along with some sordid notes about how “sunny and sunny” it will be today even though it’s been raining for weeks. It’s not for everyone but it definitely adds a little spice to your weather app.

weather channel

The Weather Channel is a tried and true forecast app for Android users. Baby boomers remember watching The Weather Channel back in the day on cable and the company successfully transitioned to mobile devices.

The Weather Channel app is completely free, although it is ad-supported, and it offers a good amount of information. It features your average forecast, such as temperature, wind, and visibility.

It also features Doppler radar and an extended 10-day forecast for those who want to plan ahead.

1 weather

1Weather is another powerful weather app choice for Android users. It features forecast information, such as temperature, precipitation, radar, and 10-day forecasts.

Where 1Weather differentiates itself is through its user interface elements. 1Weather features customizable widgets that you can place on your home screen so that the weather is at a convenient location on your phone without having to open any app.


When using AccuWeather, you will get a clear picture of the current weather conditions in your chosen area. You get an “advantage” of temperatures outside either in sunlight or in the shade under the trees, along with hourly temperatures.

The app also includes information about wind speed and UV levels. You can also see the forecast for the next day. In a nice gesture, you can let the app suggest if you should wear a jacket or take an umbrella with you. Allergen levels such as pollen count are also included.

Radar maps are also included in the app and you can use the app for free with ads, but paying for a subscription removes them and gives you 10-day forecasts.

What are the expectations?

Screenshot: Google

What The Forecast is another parody weather app, similar to CARROT. This app tries to lighten the mood with witty jokes about the current weather.

You may get a message telling you to have fun today because tomorrow’s weather will be unpleasant. Or you might see something more horrible, like references to a dog vomiting money.

Either way, Forecast will let you know the weather with a witty prank that will hopefully make your day a little brighter.

great weather

Awesome Weather is a very attractive and eye-catching weather platform. Dragging your finger across your device when using the app will allow you to see weather forecasts throughout the day along with other basic weather information.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t pack as many features as some of the other entries on this list, but it’s perfect for someone who wants something nice to look at and can provide simple weather information on a daily basis.

The app works as a free service, where you can take advantage of most of the features but you will have to pay a small fee to unlock the rest.

The weather today

Today’s weather is an easy-to-use option in more ways than one. In fact, the app personally greets you with your first name at every opening.

The app itself can rely on information from a number of systems, including Dark Sky, Accuweather, and; The latter is a forecasting service in Norway that can provide incredibly detailed and accurate forecasts for a number of regions outside the United States.

Weather Today is a versatile application that can be used effectively in many locations around the world.

The right weather app can be a great tool

As smartphone owners probably know, there are a lot of different weather apps available. These are just some of the more popular options that stand out the most.

And there really isn’t a “best” weather app for Android devices. Most weather apps offer great data and statistics. What you’re really looking for is the user experience that best suits your needs.

Whether it’s widgets to decorate your home screen or sarcastic phrases to help keep things interesting, there’s a weather app out there. And if you can’t find one you like in this list, just browse the Play Store and you’ll find dozens of different options.

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