UK Netflix Movies: Every movie and TV series leaving this month in May 2022

Netflix removes a variety of movies and shows without alerting its users every month.

Movies and TV series hidden within the streaming service’s library are deleted almost every day.

You might be wrong because you don’t know this in advance because Netflix only reports this if you specify the title.

Among the titles leaving this month Jumanji: The Next LevelAnd the gladiatorAnd Notting Hill And Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Horror film directed by Sam Raimi in 2009 drag me to hell

However, you will have to act quickly – you only have a few left to watch. Find the full list of Every movie and TV show removed from Netflix in May 2022 less. Find a list of everything to be added here.

Note: Thanks forWhat’s on Netflix For help with the list.


1 may

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


blue line

center stage

the choice

Christmas star

your house

Dolapo is fine

drag me to hell

Netflix is ​​leaving Sam Raimi’s song “Drag Me to Hell”



fatal cheat

fire in the blood

First Knight

four brothers

Fourth type

Friday the 13th

Friends with benefits

funny girl

Ghost rider

‘Ghost Rider’ is leaving Netflix

(maximum pictures)

He even has your eyes

JFK: The Making of the President

Good spirit


Lies ratios


homicide model

mostly sunny

Toxic protector


red tails

vampire: condemnation

Resident Evil: Decadence

school of rock

name song

Tamara Drewi

thirteen ghost

3 ninjas are back

yellow bird

May 2


Iris is leaving Netflix


May 3

One day: justice served

May 4

Jumanji: The Next Level

Lo más sencillo es complexarlo todo

May 5

baby driver

First Sunday

Resident Evil: Revenge

SWAT: Under Siege

wild things (1998)

May 6

Ordinary love

Who do you think I am

May 7


Andaz Abna Abna

May 8

The monogamy of Craig Ross Jr.

May 9

Curse La Eurona

Jatu 2: The rise of the king

‘Baby Driver’ is leaving Netflix

May 12

Mirata: How did my mother decolonize the screen

May 13

Andeeb Dokki

I can’t complain

delivery boy

let’s go dancing

Life speed bump

romantic master

horrible grandmother

I apologize for disturbing

police student

what’s up?


May 15


Devil’s mistress

Kabhi. Han. Kabhi Na

Lupine III: Calyostro Castle

Ram Jan

3000 miles to Graceland

Lupine III: The Castle Of Cagliostro is leaving Netflix


May 16

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

American gangster

American Tail: Fievel Goes West!

Apollo 13



candy man (1992)

Cape Verde (1991)

Curious George 2: Follow that monkey!

Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle

dad’s army (2016)

Don’t be a threat to the South Central while drinking juice in the lid

the doors

endless love (2014)

afraid (1996)

the gladiator

‘Gladiator’ is leaving Netflix

Gypsy: Live broadcast from the Savoy Theatre

hard goal 2



I believe in miracles

ID2: Shadwell’s Army

unbearable cruelty

It’s Kind of a Funny Story


Developed in America

Les Miserables

really love

Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Performance

Mr. Ben’s Holiday

McVeigh’s nanny

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang


‘Les Miserables’ is leaving Netflix

(international pictures)

Notting Hill

Mr. Jose

one day

pitch perfect

Pokemon Detective Pikachu


Purge: Chaos

The road to El Dorado

safe home




Zero Dark Thirty

May 19

On the edge

May 20

Anchor Bay

Black Christmas (2019)

Special 20 Anos Football de Primera

Chapter II

Jack Black in “School of Rock”, which has been removed from Netflix

(maximum pictures)

May 21

bye bye london

Fifty-year-old teenager

lock your girls in

the married

no longer children

Raya and Sakina

master slave

mischief school

The witness who saw nothing

May 22

Living in Bondage: Emancipation

May 23


The girl with the dragon tattoo (2011)

May 24

Hyper Hardboiled Gourmet Report

May 25

Yes, God yes

26 May

7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story

The Exorcist: The Beginning


“Yes, God, Yes” is leaving Netflix


May 27

The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that!

Echo in the valley


1 may

Below deck

Dawson’s Creek

Frankenstein Chronicles

Nozaki-kun the monthly girl

May 2

Young people over the age of flowers

May 15

Bakugan: Battle Planet

Parasite: wisdom

Real Housewives of New York

Saint Seiya: The Lost Painting

Saints and strangers

South Park

strangers from hell


May 16


love in the moonlight


Uncontrollably fond

May 28

American Idol

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