Men’s Reactions First: Alex Garland’s Next Movie is a pure horror movie

“Annihilation” director Garland takes audiences on another surreal journey that is “intense”, “mysterious” and “challenging,” early viewers say.

Alex Garland’s new movie “Men” is shown to reporters ahead of Quinzaine’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and its May 20 release from A24, and the first reactions will come. See a roundup below.

After directing FX’s sci-fi series “Devs,” Alex Garland is back in the world of “Annihilation” – the mind-blowing horror with his latest movie.

Academy Award nominee Jesse Buckley plays Harper, a young widow who rents a secluded vacation home in the English countryside amid guilt over the death of her husband (Papa Isidu), an apparently suicide. Meanwhile, she can’t stop seeing the face of Rory Kinnear as every town-dweller’s innkeeper and chasing her every step. What does it all mean?

While the feedback avoids spoilers, there’s definitely enough here to bite in terms of learning what Garland has in store.

“Garland’s MEN is a bit like Malik’s transition from the thin red line to the Tree of Life. Don’t expect a tough sci-fi vision, just expect a vision: an intensely surreal twist on the Final Girl story. It will lead us to more questions than answers but theories abound,” Eric Kohn wrote. From IndieWire.

“I will say this to Alex Garland’s half-formed but utterly intriguing men, which come a lot closer to the ambiguity of annihilation than the speech’s title might suggest: it is rare to see a film that evokes Richard Curtis and Lars von Trier at nearly the same scale,” wrote David Ehrlich.

The upcoming A24 movie and Garland’s third feature is “a horror film about a sense of horror” or, simply, “a ghost story,” as the director told Entertainment Weekly.

“In my opinion, a movie like ‘Men’ is connected to a movie like ‘Annihilation,'” Garland told EW. “Men” is a gut-level movie. I’m proud of Ex Machina, I really love it, but it’s a thought movie. Men are not, I suppose.

Garland continued, “When I say it’s a slightly aggressive movie, that’s what I mean: It’s coming for the viewer. It’s a nice movie at times, there’s a lot of silly humor in there, but it’s also a bit late.”

In the interview, he asserts that, per the title, sex is actually being explored through what viewers call a surreal popular horror film.

“It comes a lot, in different ways,” Garland said. With ‘Guys’, I was kind of thinking, ‘Fuck, I’m going straight to this. Perhaps it is so with the ‘men,’ instead of running under them, sitting there on the roof.

He added of the independent film, “I’m in my early fifties and my main problem with the movie tends to be boredom. I kind of feel like I know where this is going, I feel like I’ve seen this or that sequence of events play out an incredible number of times. I hope to disrupt that a little “.

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