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How to fix “Ethernet not working” issue on Windows 11 Tip 2022

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Check how to fix “Ethernet not working” issue on Windows 11

The term Ethernet network connection often refers to a wired network connection, usually established through LAN cables. While the causes of an Ethernet problem can be many, the solutions are often the same. While Wi-Fi adapters have improved significantly in recent years, nothing beats the speed and convenience of an Ethernet connection on a desktop computer.

The problem occurs when the tried and true Ethernet connection does not work in Windows 11. When Ethernet does not work in Windows 11, you may have to use a laptop to get the job done, which may not be appropriate. Alternatively, you can use the following tricks and fix the spotty Ethernet connection on your PC.

How to fix “Ethernet not working” issue in Windows 11

  • Restart the computer. Rebooting is a common first step for most technical issues, and it may also be all you need to do to fix your Ethernet issue.
    • One easy way to restart Windows 11 is to right-click the Start button and go to Shutdown or Sign Out > Restart.
  • Switch to Wi-Fi, if possible. If your computer can access the wireless network, then it makes sense to go through these steps to address the Ethernet issue only.
    • If it is also not able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, then there are likely to be broader issues. Please proceed with the relevant steps below which are not only applicable to a wired network, but also troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues.
  • Force Windows to reinstall the Ethernet driver. To do this, open Device Manager (right-click Start to find it), expand the network adapters group, right-click the Ethernet device, and go to Uninstall Device > Uninstall.
    • After the restart, Windows will automatically identify the device and install the driver again.
  • Run the built-in network troubleshooter, found here: Settings > System > Troubleshooting > Other Troubleshooters > Network Adapter. Select Run the troubleshooter to have Windows try to identify and fix the problem.
  • Reset Windows 11 network settings. Doing so will remove and then reinstall the Ethernet adapter, resetting various network settings to default.
    • This tool is also found in Settings: Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced network settings > Reset network.
  • Run the driver update tool to check for Ethernet driver updates. The current driver may be completely missing, damaged or outdated, and this can cause the Ethernet problem.
  • Perform netsh winsock reset. This is not directly related to the Ethernet driver, but can be useful for general network connectivity issues.
    • Follow this link for more information on what this does and how to do it. If you are already comfortable using the Command Prompt, run this command and then restart your computer:
  • Plug the cable into a different Ethernet port on the router and make sure both ends, including the one connected to your computer, are secure. Again, this has nothing to do with your device driver, but it could be the solution to a general problem not related to cable internet.
    • You don’t need to buy a new router if only one port is bad, as most people can live with one port that doesn’t work, as long as there is another usable port in its place.

Final Words: How to Fix “Ethernet Not Working” Issue on Windows 11

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