Horsham Film Festival Silvertip Films 2022 – How to Participate

Jeff Cockwell, from Silvertip Films
Jeff Cockwell, from Silvertip Films

Jeff Cockwell, of Silvertip Films, event organizers, said: “In 2019, as part of the Horsham Region Year of Culture, the Horsham Film Festival held its annual Awards Night.

“In 2020, the Horsham Film Festival has its second annual awards evening, just before that… well, you know.

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In 2021, the Horsham Film Festival couldn’t hold its third annual awards night because…well, you know…and actually did it instead! But for 2022, the Horsham Film Festival is back in person and ready to show the best films This year, we are partnering with Everyman Cinema in Horsham to host not only Awards Night, but also a week-long program of short film screenings, from all the shortlisted films. More details about these screenings will be revealed later in the year. But Before this event, we need to enter some movies!

Horsham Film Festival 2022 – or HFF22 as we call it – is now open for submissions. To enter a film, filmmakers must head to FilmFreeway and submit it there – www.filmfreeway.com/horshamfilmfestival

The festival has two age categories in which filmmakers can choose to enter, and then within these age categories, five categories for participation in the film.

Films of up to 15 minutes are accepted.

There are 18 and under 18 categories for Best Drama, Best Documentary, Best Comedy, and Best Animation.

“The fifth and final category is your area award that goes to a film of any kind in every age group, shot (in whole or in part) or about the Horsham area.

“Entry to the festival via FilmFreeway comes with a flat submission fee until the 30 September 2022 submission deadline. Over 18 entries cost £15, and under 18s are free to enter.

“As with previous festivals, judges do not correct films based on quality of equipment and production values, although this is always welcome, but they are interested in films that move them, make them laugh, educate or even scare them!

“The festival especially welcomes first-time filmmakers, so if all you have is your phone, get out there and make a movie that wows the judges!

“Each winning film in a category will receive a physical prize on Awards Night as well as a selection of prizes from various event sponsors. Previous sponsors have included Manfrotto, Dorling Kindersley, and local companies such as South Lodge, McMahon and Firebird Brewery.”

Jeff added, “We are very excited to restart the Horsham Film Festival again. After a few difficult years for everyone, the opportunity to get out and make a movie and then come together to celebrate a shared love of film is something we’re looking forward to.”

“We can’t wait to see the upcoming films and meet the directors, their cast and crew at Awards Night later in 2022. We are especially excited to be partnering with Everyman Cinema for the festival where the venue will bring a true sense of old-time Hollywood with the glamor of Awards Night!

“This year, the festival will be partnering with two charities to help raise awareness for them and we hope to make some donations to them as well.

First, for the fourth year in a row, there’s Springboard – a Horsham-based children’s charity that works with children of all abilities, offering play-and-stay sessions in town, days out, rest sessions and more. Learn more about them at https:/ /springboardsupport.org/

“This year we are also partnering with The Meath Epilepsy Charity – a nursing home in Surrey for people with complex epilepsy that offers care, support, accommodation and the chance to live an independent life. Find out more about it at https://www.meath.org.uk/

“So if you have a story to tell whether it’s funny, sad or scary, or if you love making LEGO stop-motion animation or full-on CGI animation, or want to explore a documentary topic to raise awareness, get out there, make a movie and celebrate With us with a passion for filmmaking!”

Application deadline: September 30th. Decision making: October 15. Awards Night: Late November 2022

Applications are accepted via Filmfreeway – www.filmfreeway.com/rshamfilmfestival

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