A Bug’s Life to Billy Elliot: The 7 Best Socialist Movies to Watch on Labor Day Bank Holiday

This action thriller really begins with the discovery of the filthy secret living quarters below the family home, where employees have been fleeing from their upstairs employers to survive. It is very annoying.


Hardly the most accurate addition to this list, this is a “world just like ours” where worker ants exist only to serve the queen. Unfit worker Ant Z feels trapped in the borders matching the totalitarian ant civilization into which he was born. Watch out for the Marxist slogans chanted by ants protesting their enslavement. But when this member of the proletariat falls in love with a princess, you know that something revolutionary is about to happen.

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Billy Elliot

Set in northeastern England during the 1984-1985 miners’ strike, the story follows an 11-year-old Billy who rejects his father’s wishes to become a boxer, learning ballet in secret.

When Billy’s father, Jackie, tries to cross the striking miners’ picket line to “give the boy a fucking chance” to make his dreams come true, it must be the most poignant scene in this fantastic movie. Jackie’s willingness to put his pride aside, and his firm beliefs about something he only understands for the love of his son, is deeply moving, an ode to the profound sacrifices made by all striking workers.

Jackie follows his eldest son, Tony, across the picket line and agrees to accept money from fellow miners and the local community to help get Billy into a ballet audition.

Bug’s life

“Ants choose food, grasshoppers eat food, it is an insect that eats the insect world out there, someone can get hurt,” explains Hopper, the horrific bloodsucking grasshopper leader, forcing the inhabitants of Ant Island to surrender in horror.

After grasshoppers demand more grain to make up for his failed invention sabotaging the harvest, Flick leaves the colony to hunt down some large insects to help him take down the grasshopper. Flick misleads an unequal circus squad led by the director of a flea circuit for the warriors, and takes them back to the island to help them build a giant bird. One for persecuted bugs everywhere.

Released two years before Chicken Run, this Pixar classic celebrates the power of little men to overthrow young adults, with a nod to the inventions that fueled the Industrial Revolution.

Christmas doll carol

Everything the puppets do is more about the group than the individual. Whatever your political view, you must turn it over to puppet master Jim Henson, who was able to convey messages of social justice, liberalism, and egalitarianism to American discourse at the height of Reaganism.

This is without a doubt the best version of the classic Dickensian Christmas story, which sees Kermit the Frog take on the role of Bob Cratchit, and you know the rest. If you can watch the scene as it goes from cheerful One More Sleep until Christmas, to the homeless bunny shivering in the street with dry eyes, you have a heart of stone.

Sorry to bother you

Cassius Green (Cash-is-green) is a sofa browsing through an old garage and experiencing an existential crisis, before finally getting a job as a cold caller. Struggling to get any sales, he finds he excels when he uses his “white voice”, which has driven him into a world of power, elitism and debauchery.

Meanwhile, his friends join a rebel group to fight for the rights of their workers, forcing the viewer to wonder which side they would be on – exploited or exploited? It’s surreal, funny, and asks who we are when we turn into a rat race.

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