The best over-ear headphones of 2022: From Apple to Sony

The best over-ear headphones are like wearing a pair of tailored gloves when the weather gets cold: it’s nice to know you’re rewarding yourself with excellence. And you won’t find much better sound quality when listening to music on the go than with a solid pair of wireless headphones. Yes, you could opt for a smaller pair of wireless earbuds to accompany you on your run, or perhaps a pair of our favorite noise-canceling headphones to drown out the world around you, but no matter what you want, the best set that will almost certainly be over-ear.

Whether you’re listening to a great playlist, the latest audiobooks, or the best podcasts, few instruments can deliver the same warm tones, deep bass, and volume feel that larger headphones do, and over the years they’ve become so much more so pretty. So we’ve done all the work for you, and we’ve picked the best over-ear headphones for all budgets and needs, whether you need a noise-canceling pair with long-lasting battery life for a trip or a group that will blow your mind with bass and amazing sound fidelity.

What are the best over-ear headphones?

Are there any Android users here? If you don’t have an iPhone but still want universal headphones with some of the best sounds available, look no further than Sony’s flagship model. You can buy some of the best money for audio reproduction, and you won’t be disappointed.

AirPods Max

Do you only have eyes (and ears) for the best? Apple’s premium, high-end cases are the best choice for iPhone users with fast connectivity, class-leading noise cancellation, and perfect sound quality. Take a deep breath, don’t think about the price and just buy it. Trust us.

Best budget over-ear headphones: AKG K72
AKG k72

How about a more affordable option? Delivering wide, crisp sound, retro design and comfortable earcups may seem like a tough task for less than £50, but, for God’s sake, AKG has managed to do it.

What are the over-ear headphones?

Over-ear headphones are designed with two large round (or oval) cups connected via a headband. The cups sit around your ear on the outside, surrounding it in sound opening up opportunities for active noise cancellation (more on that later) but also an immersive listening experience. The best models have rid the wires of your smartphone, coming with Bluetooth 5.0 minimum and a built-in battery so you can listen for hours on end before needing a recharge.

As a general rule, over-ear headphones are heavier and more expensive than both on-ear headphones (where the cups are on top of your ears) and wireless earbuds (placed directly in your ears) but they offer better quality and better quality. Full of more features. Gym-goers may prefer the flexibility of the in-ear options, while audiophiles will appreciate the clear sound and retro aesthetic on the ears.

What features should I look for when buying over-ear headphones?

Similar to buying almost any other high-end device, there are a lot of tech jargon that should catch your eye when it comes to the best wireless headphones, but don’t worry, we’re here to guide you.

First, nearly all of the cases we’ve picked below have Bluetooth so they connect to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly, although some of the more wallet-friendly options are wired. If the headphones you have chosen are wireless, they will also have a battery life, which can range from a few hours to a few days. Everything will need to be recharged, but some are more efficient than others, and USB-C fast charging gives you more juice at a faster rate if you’re running out before you walk out the door.

Next, look for any headphones that offer active noise cancellation. This is a smart kit that uses microphones that analyze the world around you and then eliminate background noise to help you focus on your tracks. This feature used to be reserved for more expensive options but you can easily find an ANC-equipped pair for less than £100.

Some will have built-in intelligence like voice assistants (Siri or Google Assistant) so you can navigate playlists hands-free but most have touch or in-cup controls so you can manage volume, change tracks, or answer a phone call.

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