How to install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11

Windows 11 includes thousands of ready-made fonts, but if you want new fonts, you can install them quickly. Here’s how.

Want to add some pizzazz to your documents and presentations? You should consider using a different font.

Windows 11 comes with thousands of them, but you might want more—there are plenty of times you can look at Times New Roman. You can find and install new fonts online, and Windows makes it easy by letting you install and manage new fonts in the Settings app.

If you haven’t already, take a look at How to Install or Uninstall Fonts on Windows 11.

What types of fonts are supported in Windows 11?

To install a new font, it must be compatible with Windows. Windows 11 supports the following font types:

  • TrueType (.TFF)
  • PostScript type 1 (.PFB + .PFM)
  • OpenType (.OTF)
  • TrueType group (.TTC)

Once you’ve downloaded your favorite fonts, it’s time to install them using the following instructions.

How to install fonts on Windows 11

When you’re ready, you can follow the steps to install new fonts on Windows 11:

  1. Most fonts come in a zip file, so the first thing to do is extract them to an easily accessible location.
  2. When you are ready to install a font, open File Explorer to the location of the font you want and Double clicks on him.Install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11
  3. After double-clicking on the line, a window will open showing a sample of what the line will look like. If you are ready to use it, tap Install button On the top.Install or uninstall fonts on windows 11
  4. The font will be installed in your system and will be available where fonts are normally located. In addition, it should go to the default location of the fonts which is C: \ Windows \ Fonts.Install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11
  5. It’s also worth noting that there is another way to install fonts. For example, you can right-click on the font file and select Show more options From the list, tap fixed In the classic context menu.Install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11
  6. Once you have the new font installed, you can use it in any application that allows you to choose different fonts, such as Microsoft Word.New font in Microsoft Word

How to quickly install new fonts on Windows 11

Microsoft is making it easier for users to install fonts — simply by dragging them to them Settings.

You can drag and drop to install fonts by following these steps:

  1. Opens Start > Settings then select Personalization > Fonts.Install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11
  2. When opening a file lines You will find a box to install font files. Simply drag the fonts you downloaded from File Explorer into the box.Drag and drop

Thats all about it. Your fonts will be transferred to C: \ Windows \ Fonts They are available through your applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

How to uninstall a font from Windows 11

Don’t like the font you have installed? You can remove it quickly.

To uninstall a font on Windows 11, use the following steps:

  1. Click on a file Windows key to open a file start menu and choose Settings.Start Windows 11 Settings
  2. when Settings Opens, go to Personalization From the menu on the left, scroll down on the right, and tap lines.Install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11
  3. If you know the name of your font, write it in a file Available fonts field and click three points List.Install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11
  4. click uninstall from the menu that appears.Install or uninstall fonts on Windows 11
  5. tap on uninstall button when the verification message appears.Check Uninstall

Your font will be uninstalled and will not appear again in a file C: \ Windows \ Fonts Guide. It won’t be available in other apps you use either.

How to install fonts from Microsoft

If you are not comfortable installing fonts from the Internet, you can get them from the Microsoft Store.

Use the following steps to install fonts from a file Microsoft Store:

  1. Play file Microsoft Store Application from taskbar and search lines when it opens.
  2. Browse through the available fonts and click on what you want.Microsoft Store
  3. You’ll get a little description and screenshots showing the font in action. tap on Gets button.Microsoft Store

This is. Your font will be installed and available in . format C: \ Windows \ Fonts Guide.

Customizing fonts in Windows

Using the above steps, you should be able to install new fonts on your Windows 11 PC.

The process is easy, but you can spend a lot of time working with them on your documents. Finding the perfect font can take some time, so keep that in mind. Don’t download more fonts than you have time to work with.

Not on Windows 11 yet? No problem. You can install fonts on Windows 10 or install fonts from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

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