What’s new on Sky and Now in May 2022: New movies, TV shows, and sports to keep you occupied all month long

The sun is shining, the smell of barbecue is in the air, but summer has not yet come, and the holidays are still far away. However, don’t worry, there are plenty of new movies, TV shows, and sports available to stream on Sky and Now TV this month.

And luckily for you, we’ve highlighted some of the best in our streaming guide, so you don’t have to worry about what you’ll be watching next. From true crime dramas to the latest Ghostbusters blockbuster, there’s enough here to make this another exciting month for streaming.

For our full roundup of what to expect from Sky and Now TV this month, from unmissable TV shows and movies to live sports, read on.

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What’s new in the Sky and Now TV entertainment membership

The Stairs – May 5

Colin Firth plays Michael Peterson, the American novelist who was convicted of killing his wife. Based on the documentary series initially released in 2004 with three new episodes produced by Netflix in 2018, this drama features a star-studded cast, including Toni Collette and Sophie Turner as wife and daughter respectively. The Staircase will begin with a three-episode premiere, and will be available to stream weekly starting May 5.

The Flight Attendant Season 2 – May 26

After the events of season one, host Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) stops drinking and tries to get her life back to normal. But while she tries to cling to a sense of normalcy, she is also required to be an asset to the CIA. It doesn’t take long before things get out of hand and Cassie discovers new sides to herself.

Time Traveler’s Wife – May 16

Based on the 2003 novel of the same name, this is a strange love story through time. Claire and Henry meet and fall in love in a library, but it is soon revealed that Henry has an unfortunate condition that causes him to travel through time unexpectedly. As their relationship develops, Claire must keep their relationship to herself while Henry bears the burden of the past and future.

They also stream Sky and Now’s Entertainment membership:

  • Mother Teresa: For God’s Love – May 9

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What’s New in Sky Cinema and Now TV Cinema Membership

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – May 13

When Callie and her children move into a dilapidated farmhouse left to her by her late father, she has no idea what she’s into. But when an evil spirit is accidentally released from a ghost trap, the family discovers their connection to the legendary ghost hunters, and now must help save the city from the spectral threat. Afterlife stars Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard – along with special appearances from the original Ghostbusters crew, including B.I.ll Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

Fireheart – May 27

This animated film is set in 1930s New York, at a time when women were not allowed to work as firefighters. However, this is all that Georgia Nolan (Olivia Cooke), the daughter of a firefighter, dreamed of. When her father (Kenneth Branagh) is tasked with uncovering the arsonists behind a series of fires, and the mysterious disappearance of city firefighters, she accompanies Georgia with a secret so she can live the dream of her life.

Dear Evan Hansen – May 28

Assigned by his therapist to write letters to himself, socially anxious Evan Hansen wrote about what it would be like if he was no longer around. But the note ends up in the hands of classmate Connor and, after his suicide, is mistaken for a true letter to Evan. Evan is welcomed into the Connor family, which gives him a chance of acceptance and belonging. This film is based on the Tony Award winning musical, and is available to stream from May 28.

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What’s new on Sky TV and Now TV Sports Membership

Live broadcast – Formula 1

With a Sky and Now’s Sports membership you can watch the latest F1 action, with plenty of races available to stream live. This month, you can catch the Miami Grand Prix in early May, with the Spanish Grand Prix later this month, followed by the Monaco Grand Prix on the 29th.

Premier League

Stream all the latest English Premier League matches live on Sky Sports and Now. Watch the Liverpool vs Tottenham match on May 7, as well as Manchester City, Newcastle (May 8) and Tottenham vs Arsenal (May 12). See our broadcast guide for more information and fixtures.

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