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Shining Apple Girls cast | star elizabeth moss

The new thriller Shining Girls is now starting to drop episodes on Apple TV+, and it comes with some serious talent in front of and behind the camera.

Based on the 2013 novel by Lauren Beukes, The Shining Girls, the series tells the story of a woman living in Chicago in the 1990s, who is left behind in a transformed reality after a brutal attack.

The series is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and others, and directed by Elisabeth Moss, Michelle McClaren, and Dina Reed. It also stars Moss, Wagner Moura and Jimmy Bell.

Read everything you need to know about the Shining Girls team.

Elizabeth Moss plays Kirby Mazrachi

Elisabeth Moss in Shining Girls apple

Who is Kirby Mizrachi?? Kirby is an archive writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. She was previously an aspiring journalist, but she gave up after a violent attack and shock. Since the assault, her perceptions of time and reality have changed, with aspects of life constantly changing at random. At the beginning of the series, she learns that another woman, Julia, has been murdered, in what appears to be a very similar attack.

Where have you seen Elizabeth Moss before? Moss has had some popular TV roles on shows like Mad Men, The West Wing, and The Handmaid’s Tale. Meanwhile in the movie, she has recently appeared in The Invisible Man, The French Dispatch and Jordan Peele Horror Us.

Wagner Moura plays Dan Velasquez

Wagner Moura as Dan in Shining Girls

Wagner Moura as Dan in Shining Girls + Apple TV

Who is Dan Velasquez?? Dan is a veteran Chicago Sun-Times reporter, who teams up with Kirby to help track down her attacker and find out if he is the same person who killed Julia. He’s the only person who really listens to Kirby and believes her no matter how strange what she says.

Where have you seen Wagner Moura before? Mora is best known for his role as Pablo Escobar in Narcos, as well as for appearing in Narcos: Mexico. He is also scheduled to appear in upcoming films The Gray Man alongside Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Jimmy Bell plays Harper Curtis

Jamie Bell wearing Shining Girls sat in a movie chair

Jamie Bell as Harper Curtis in Shining Girls + Apple TV

Who is Harper Curtis?? Harper is a Kirby attacker, a serial killer who targets women with a promising future – they ‘shine’. Possessive, arrogant and dangerous, Curtis plays with his victims, a man whose time is somewhat out of date – he seems to be able to be everywhere and all the time.

Where have you seen Jimmy Bell before? Bill had a quite eclectic career after making his 2000 debut on Billy Elliot. He has appeared as The Thing in Fantastic Four, Tintin in The Adventures of Tintin, and Bernie Taupin in Rocketman, as well as starring as Abraham Woodhull in the AMC series Turn: Washington’s Spies.

Philippa Su plays the role of Jin Sook

Philippa Su in the movie Shining Girls

Philippa Su in the movie Shining Girls apple

Who is Jin Suk?? Jin-Seok is one of Harper’s potential victims, whom Kirby identifies and goes for information during her investigation. She is a researcher at the Adler Planetarium.

Where have you seen Philippa Sue before? Sue is best known for starring as Eliza Hamilton in the Broadway play Hamilton, which can be seen on Disney Plus. She has also appeared in the Dopesick series, and in the Tick films, Tick…Boom! And one and only Evan.

Amy Brenneman plays Rachel

Amy Brenneman in Shining Girls

Amy Brenman in Shining Girls apple

Which is Rachel? Rachel is Kirby’s mother and a local singer with whom Kirby lives at the beginning of the series.

Where have you seen Amy Brenneman before? Brenneman is best known for appearing in series like The Leftovers, Private Practice, and Goliath.

Chris Chalke plays Marcus

Chris Chalk in Shining Girls

Chris Chalk in Shining Girls + Apple TV

Which is Marcus? Marcus is Kirby’s husband – you haven’t met him yet. Appearing at the end of Episode One seemingly out of nowhere, his relationship with her appears to be the result of a transformation in Kirby’s reality.

Where have you seen Chris Chalk before? Chalk is best known for playing Lucias Fox on Gotham’s Batman prequel series, as well as for his roles in When They See Us and Perry Mason. He also played roles in films such as Detroit and Godzilla vs. Kong.

Erica Alexander plays Dad

Erika Alexander in Shining Girls

Erika Alexander in Shining Girls apple

Which is My Father? Dad is the editor at the Chicago Sun-Times who seems wary of Dan’s investigation, especially given Kirby’s involvement.

Where have you seen Erica Alexander before? Alexander is best known for her roles in Get Out, and series such as Black Lightning and Bosch.

The first three episodes of Shining Girls are available now, with new episodes dropping weekly on Fridays. The signing of the Apple TV Plus right Now. we visited drama Hub for more news, interviews and features, or find something to watch right now with TV Guide.

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