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Irrfan Khan and his perceptive sense of humor that led him to direct films like Thank You, The Killer: “Just Enjoy”

Irrfan Khan’s career is remembered for his amazing performance in films like Ban Singh Tomar, bearing the same name, Life of Pi, among the many ardent Hindi movie viewers, will surely remember that while Irrfan could pull off some critically acclaimed roles, he’s also had a parallel path in his career – one where he made some strange choices but was well aware of it. In Thank You, Aan: Men At Work, and a few others, Irrfan was the better part of a mediocre film, but it was very clear that the actor was in for the joke. Irrfan’s presence in these films was actually a reminder to the audience that you’re not supposed to take it seriously, because even he didn’t.

Thank you Anis Bazmy Irfan was playing a cheating husband. The plot of the movie was totally foolish and Irfan was well aware that he is not making cinematic history here. Talking about how he’s working on such characters, he told Film Companion in 2017, “Don’t look for the character, don’t find their background and watch their behavior. Don’t bring in all those shades, don’t work too much on them. Just go with the flow. Have fun when you’re With the movie Anees Bazmee. I connected that humor. I enjoyed it, so keep playing and have fun.”

Sunil Shetty, Bobby Deol with Irrfan Khan in Thank You.

Thank you is classified as a comedy but you wonder how Irrfan landed in the green world of Sanjay Gupta in Jizba. Irrfan was spouting dialogues like “Rishto pe bharosa aur mobile pe network naa ho toh log game khelne lagte hain”. In one of his interviews, he described it as an “acting vale attitude”. Jabba was over the top, Aishwarya Rai was screaming her lungs, and Irrfan casually said his dramatic dialogues as if it was just another day in the office for him. “When I make a movie with a single line, I have to give those single lines and enjoy them. You shouldn’t be skeptical about that,” he said in the same conversation with the football club.

This actor personality was quite evident in a few of the AIB drawings he did in those days. His Bollywood party song video with the comedy group was a dig into all the club songs that Hindi films were doing in those days, and Irvan couldn’t beat himself while he was in it.

Irfan was really adept at balancing his art, something that shouldn’t be taken too seriously because otherwise she explains that the year he appeared in The Namesake was the same year he made a movie called The Killer with Emraan Hashmi. In The Killer, Irfan played a psychopath on a killing spree, and while nothing about this movie was remotely good, Irfan seemed to know why he was there – to have fun. He could only deliver the lines with a straight face, not try too hard and the audience would know Irrfan was just there to deceive the audience.

Irfan’s biggest introduction to the West was Slumdog Millionaire, which is true in many ways. While he appeared in a few significant films at that point, Slumdog opened a lot of doors for him. The doors could push him to choose the best roles, but Irrfan still chooses to have fun while working in Hindi films. I suppose the closest equivalent to this is our choice to watch something, so we can hate that. However, Irfan never hated it. He wasn’t thinking about his roles when he chose movies like Knock Out and Acid Factory.

On the anniversary of his death, his fans sure remember some of his famous films, but let’s not forget that Irfan was probably one of the coolest actors of his time who didn’t look down on any kind of cinema, and enjoyed doing whatever he chose. .

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