How to upload a YouTube video from any device

Video content is the core of YouTube as a platform. If users cannot upload videos, YouTube will serve no purpose in today’s media landscape. Since 2005, YouTube has become the second most visited site, second only to parent company Google. Content creators were able to pay their bills by posting popular – and sometimes even iconic – videos. Let’s start by teaching you how to upload a YouTube video.

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To download a YouTube video, click Create > upload video > Choose files. Locate the video file on your computer, then upload it. Review your video detailsAnd Video ElementsAnd checkupsAnd Visionand make changes as necessary. click save In the Vision section to finish uploading your video.

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Upload a video to YouTube (desktop)

When it comes to customization and formatting, YouTube allows you to enhance your video. You can add a SEO-friendly title and description, define your audience, set a timer for when you want your video to go live, and more.

This allows you to own your content and give it the best chance of success. If your video is not performing well, you can always go back and edit it.

Start your download

From the YouTube home screen, tap Create button at the top.

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Click download video

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In the upload videos box, tap Choose files. This will open your file explorer; Locate and open the video to start the download.

Location of the file selection button

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After your download starts, you must fill in a file detailsAnd Video ElementsAnd checkupsAnd Vision for your video before you post it. If you do all these steps correctly, you can raise the search engine optimization value of your video and increase viewership quickly.

four stages youtube

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After you select the file you want to upload to YouTube, the first thing you will be able to edit is the video details. Give your video a name in the format Address (required) then add a description in the file Description Square.

Description is the text that appears below your video. Video descriptions play an essential role in terms of search engine optimization. Additionally, if you have a longer video, you can divide the video into “chapters” by adding timestamps in the video description.

youtube video details 1

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Move the mouse down. In the my nail you can click Download thumbnail A button to upload a custom thumbnail for your video. The optimal size for a YouTube thumbnail is 1280 x 720 pixels.

under playlistsclick Choose Then choose the playlists you want to add the new video to. Playlists are a great way to organize your YouTube channel page.

youtube video details 2

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Scroll down to the bottom of the details. under public-Add age parameters to your video.

  • If your video content is not suitable for all audiences, select No, the content is not intended for children.
  • If your video content is publicly available, select Yes, the content is made for children.
youtube video 3 details

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Video Elements

When the file is finished details Your video, click next one at the bottom to move to Video Elements.

youtube video elements page

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here where you can add subtitlesAnd Add an end screenAnd Add cards.

The translations are self-explanatory. This option adds text that relates to everything that is said in the video.

The end screen is always a great idea for your videos, as people can watch more of your videos or go to your channel using a menu at the end of your video.

Cards allow you to create small clickable notifications during the video. When people click on it, YouTube will redirect them to the video you linked. This is especially useful when you are trying to illustrate a point, and a different video related to a particular point of your video will help you.


youtube video copyright claim checks

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The checkups The section is important because it tells you if you’ve overstepped your bounds. If you use content that you didn’t create in your video, YouTube may delete your video on a scale copyright infringement or a Copyright claim.

There wasn’t always a “checks” section, people used to upload their videos without knowing if their video or their account was at risk.

under CopyrightsYou will see if your video contains content that may cause copyright issues.

click next one To continue to the last section.


last section, Visionis where you specify where to publish the video.

  • if you choose Spread, your video will not appear on your YouTube profile, and will not be searchable. In order for anyone other than you to be able to view the video, you must invite them. If someone is invited and has the unique URL of the video, they can view your video.
  • selection Unlisted It will make the video not appear in search results or on your channel. Unlike private videos, anyone with their own unique URL can view the video. They do not need an invitation.
  • public It is what most creators should choose, as this will get the video published on YouTube. It will appear everywhere, including in search results and your channel.
Post your video

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click save At the bottom of the box to finish posting your video.

Post the video

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Upload a video to the YouTube app (Android and iOS)

If you’re not near your computer but still need to maintain your upload schedule, don’t worry. You can always upload videos directly from your mobile device.

Open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device. Click on Create The button that looks like a plus sign inside a circle, then select download the video.

download video site android

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Give your video a title and description. You can also add files publicAnd Spreador Unlisted As an option see the location of the video and the playlists you want to add the video to.

Download video to mobile phone

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On the Select the audience page, add age parameters for your video. If your video content is not suitable for all audiences, select No, the content is not intended for children. Choose Yes, the content is made for children If your video content is for all audiences. If your video contains adult content, you can restrict the video based on age.

press upload video When you are ready.

Where to find the uploaded video on youtube 1

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Your video will start uploading. You can see the progress of your download in a file library tab at the bottom. handle librarythen go to Your videos Watch your video once you have finished uploading it.

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questions and answers

Can you download a YouTube video without sound?

Yeah. If your original video file does not contain audio, but is of an acceptable file type (3GPP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG4, MPEGPS, WebM, or WMV), you can upload your video.

Can you upload videos from Twitch to YouTube?

If you connect your Twitch account to your YouTube account and VODs are enabled, you can export videos from Twitch to YouTube. You don’t even need to download it first; You can download it directly from Twitch.

Can I upload a YouTube video to Facebook?

You can share videos from YouTube to Facebook by copying the URL and pasting it into your Facebook post, or you can click Share button on your YouTube video.

You can also upload the video directly if you have the original video file.

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