From gadgets built on inclusivity to the latest in Windows – here’s what’s new in Microsoft 365

As shown in the latest edition of the 2022 Business Trend Index1Organizations around the world are adapting to new ways of working, which means they face a new challenge: how to combine culture, technology and space to create a hybrid business. work. The tools we use every day must be flexible and inclusive to enable people with different needs to be productive anywhere, anytime.

This month we’re adding new features across Microsoft 365 to improve accessibility, support flexible work patterns, simplify routine tasks, and provide more ways to make your voice heard. We’re also launching new capabilities in Windows 11 and Windows 365 to help make hybrid work a little easier. Let’s delve into what’s new.

More inclusive and smooth work environment

Supporting neurodiversity in the hybrid workplace

Notifications overload can be disruptive, especially for employees with conditions like autism and ADHD. We’ve reduced noise by providing more ways to customize which notifications Microsoft Teams shows you and when, and new ways to protect time with Microsoft Viva Insights. We’ve also added new capabilities to support and improve reading and writing such as text prediction options, voice controls, and accessible authoring features – great for everyone, but a real game-changer for workers with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Learn about these smarter features and tools to support neurodiversity in the mixed workplace in Microsoft’s latest Accessibility features for the Spring 2022 blog.

Create tasks in natural language

The To Do Windows app now supports intelligent recognition of due dates, reminders, and repeat information from a task title.2 Now you can simply use natural language – like Submit project report on Friday or Follow up with the client on Tuesday at 1 pm– And To Do will automatically recognize the dates, times and frequency of information and mark it and add it to your task accordingly. Update the Windows To Do app to version 2.66 or higher to get started.

Get more from Yammer

We’ve released a series of updates for Yammer that help make it easier to find what you need, share ideas, and customize to your preference. First, community members can now vote for an answer if it’s a helpful or useful contribution to the question, making it easier for others to find answers. You can now also bookmark a conversation to see the post and replies to it later. Finally, Yammer’s dark mode will be available on the web soon.

Switch between accounts in Microsoft 365 web apps with one click

Switching between user accounts can disrupt your work flow when you need to log out and log back in again. As of this month, we’re adding support for multiple work and personal accounts on Microsoft 365 web apps in the same browser, allowing you to easily switch between accounts with a single click. Simply add your accounts to the Account Manager at the top right of the Microsoft 365 web app to get started. Learn more about this new feature on the tech community blog Announcing Account Switching for Microsoft 365 Web Apps.

Office 365 home page view showing user account switching feature.

Work securely from anywhere with Windows 11 and Windows 365

Flexible working requires technology designed for a mixed world. Earlier this month, we shared the latest features of Windows 11 and Windows 365 designed to enhance new ways of working. We combine the power of Microsoft Cloud and PC knowledge together, giving you a smoother Windows experience without sacrifice security.

Increase productivity and hybrid collaboration with Windows 11

With Windows 11, you can easily organize the files you’re working with in File Explorer by marking them as favorites and using tabs to quickly access the files you need.

Displaying a Windows 11 File Explorer screen showing file organization features, including Favorite and Recent categories.

New abilities like Auto framingAnd sound clarityAnd background blurAnd eye contact Create more natural hybrid meeting experiences.3 live comments Provide a more inclusive hybrid work environment for deaf or hard of hearing communities, as well as language learners. Finally, we added Snap Assist to touch To help people organize windows into predefined layouts on Windows tablets or two in one.

Enable hybrid work with Windows 365, the world’s first cloud PC

With Windows 365, employees can stream the entire Windows experience from the Microsoft Cloud, enabling them to access their personal settings, apps, and content securely on any device.

Booting Windows 365 Enables users to sign in to Windows 365 on startup – no need to sign in to the local operating system first. Windows 365 Switch It will enable users to move between Windows 365 Cloud PC and the local desktop just as they do between different desktops today in the task switcher. The Windows 365 app It offers users another way to access Windows 365 Cloud PC from the taskbar or Start menu. And at those times you need to work offline, like on an airplane or in the field, Windows 365 is offline Allows uninterrupted work, with automatic syncing once reconnection.

Windows 365 switch feature that enables users to switch between Windows Cloud PC and the local desktop.

Empowerment of information technology in modern management

Managing devices for a dispersed workforce and keeping them current presents unique challenges to IT departments. To help, we added Windows Autopatch, A new intelligent managed service designed to automatically update Windows and Office software to Windows Enterprise E3 at no additional cost. Learn more about this announcement on our tech community blog post Stay up to date with Windows Autopatch.

In addition, we are launching a new communications functionality in Microsoft Endpoint Manager that enables IT to send targeted organizational messages directly to employees across various surfaces in Windows 11, including the desktop or lock screen. Learn about this new cloud-managed capability and more in this tech community blog post The Endpoint Manager’s Guide to What’s Coming in Windows 11.

Windows 11 demonstrates how to send targeted organizational messages directly to employees across the various surfaces in Windows 11.

Simplify what it takes to protect your endpoints in the cloud

We announced our vision for Advanced endpoint management And we shared our plans to deliver a series of premium solutions over time in Endpoint Manager that will help organizations increase endpoint security, improve user experiences, and reduce the cost of ownership of your digital property. Remote Assistance for Windows It is the first of these solutions, launched for general availability on April 5, 2022, And it’s shown in the new Microsoft Mechanics video about managing the Windows cloud.

Take control of data with full data ownership

To meet the challenges of today’s decentralized, data-rich workplace, we offer Microsoft Purview – a comprehensive suite of solutions that help you fully understand, manage, and protect data ownership. This new portfolio combines the capabilities of the previous Azure Purview with the Microsoft 365 Compliance solutions that users already rely on, providing unified data governance and risk management. Learn more about Microsoft Purview in the video Go Beyond with Microsoft Purview.

Enabling the future of modern work

As the future of work evolves, Microsoft 365 continues to help organizations and teams embrace a flexible business model. There is no better solution than Microsoft 365 to support the needs of a mixed workforce. Be sure to check back again next month, when we’ll be sharing news from Microsoft Build, our annual developer conference.

1 2022 Business Direction Index, Microsoft. March 16, 2022.

2 The feature is currently only available in English (EN-) languages.

3 Depends on the hardware.

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