WhatsApp unveils Communities tab to group different groups under one roof

What you need to know

  • WhatsApp has officially announced the Communities tab.
  • It allows users to easily organize all their group chats in one place.
  • The WhatsApp group chat also receives emoji reactions, a larger file sharing limit, an admin delete feature, and larger voice calls.
  • Over the coming months, WhatsApp will be testing the Communities feature.

Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp hasn’t gotten much love from its parent company lately. That’s changing today, as the Meta-owned service has officially announced the previously popular Communities tab, along with a host of new improvements for how people connect with focus groups.

The new announcement comes hot on the heels of a recent discovery that hinted at the feature’s arrival in a future update. In fact, the Communities tab allows users to “bring separate groups together under one umbrella,” according to WhatsApp.

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