The European Film Festival returns to Trinidad and Tobago


Spanish language students can enjoy Campeones or Champions, one of 15 films that will be shown during the European Film Festival. –

For the 26th year in a row, the Delegations of the European Union in Trinidad and Tobago – the Embassies of France, Germany, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Delegation of the European Union – will host the European Film Festival (EFF).

This year’s event features 15 films from countries across Europe. Aside from the usual Spanish, Dutch, German and French selections, the festival will also highlight films from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Italy and Malta. The Film Festival begins on May 1 and runs through May 31. The films will be broadcast via the FestivalScope platform, with some also available via the website of the Embassy of Spain. A media release stated that access to all films will be free to the audience watching them.

The European Film Festival is TT’s oldest film festival, and is the most prominent cultural event on the European Union calendar. The films to be shown at EFF 2022 will cover a number of genres and themes, all offering a peek into the lives and culture of the peoples of Europe. The statement said issues such as LGBT rights, discrimination, immigration and climate change/environmental protection were among the topics discussed.

A scene from Cumple 100 Años to be shown at the National Academy of Dramatic Art (NAPA), Frederick Street, Port of Spain, during the European Film Festival. –

The Dutch series The Swell, for example, which attracted millions of viewers when it was shown in Europe, will be shown as a three-part movie. The series, which has been described as a “captivating contemporary story,” explores what happens when the national flood defenses of the Netherlands and Belgium begin to collapse due to a violent storm. It explores the catastrophic consequences of floods and how people must deal with rebuilding not only their individual lives, but their entire countries as well. In essence, these extreme floods reflect what would happen in small island developing states such as the TT if storms and sea-level rise occurred due to global warming. The bulletin said the film was a “must see” at the festival.

A welcome addition to the EFF, after two years of absence, is the return of films for language students now that schools have fully reopened. In past festivals, these shows at MovieTowne have always been a popular feature. But this year, the movie will be shown online instead of in cinemas. Spanish language students can enjoy Campeones or Champions. This is a fun but touching movie about a coach working with a group of mentally handicapped students. This film can be accessed from the website of the Embassy of Spain:

Festival fans can also look forward to the return of in-person screenings, as the Spanish film Cumple 100 Años will be shown at the National Academy of Dramatic Art (NAPA) Amphitheater, Frederick Street, Port of Spain on May 27. The show is free and open to the public. Ticket information will be available on the website of the Embassy of Spain.

More information about the films to be shown as well as broadcast links can be accessed from EFF’s Facebook and Instagram pages ( and .

Als de dijken breken will be shown at the European Film Festival, which runs from 1 to 31 May. –

Movie choices:

1. Dating Amber – Ireland

2. Easy Living – Italy

3. Extracurricular – Croatia

4. Lotso – Malta

5. Oscar and Lilly – Austria

6. Father – Bulgaria


7. Lola


8. Azul Oscoro Case Negro

9. Viridiana

10. Mama cumple 100 years old

11. Campiones (Vimeo)

12 – Albula (Vemeo)

Kingdom of the Netherlands

13. Als de Dijken Breken (The Swell)

14. The Bride’s Journey


15. Cocoon

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