My Kia Seltos gets wireless Android Auto for Rs. 8000

Tested with Google Maps and Amazon Music, both worked flawlessly for the limited time I used them. So far, no delay has been detected.

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Going wireless is the norm; Efficient or not, it is convenient, mess-free and easy. Easy isn’t it? Well, in most cases it is not easy to find a wireless connection option when it comes to Android Auto (AA). Most car manufacturers, even in their high-end offerings, do not provide wireless AA. You must use a wire to connect or some kind of dongle is required. While it’s not a fully wireless option as the dongle will wire to your infotainment system, it eliminates the hassle of plugging/unplugging the wire to your phone every time you get into the car.

Since most of the users do not care whether it is wired or wireless, there are not enough solutions to provide wired AA to wireless AA in the market. Some Chinese dongles exist, but they are not reliable even at 1%. The first reliable option came from the publicly funded Indiegogo AAW wireless project in 2020. The second option came sometime last year from Motorola, but soon the shortage started to appear in online forums. And it is not easy to obtain, especially in India.

Now AAW wireless is funded collectively, manufacturing relies on bulk orders and this pandemic is making product delivery unreliable and ships only in batches. But the user base is strong, online support is available and they ship to India. However, once you have one, it has many variants for it to work, I’ll get to the details of this.

I ordered it in January with delivery expected in March. Although the product owners have updated the progress, there are delays that are not in their control and they were finally delivered in the third week of April. Note that the seller sends the machine all the freight charge paid to India, but the Indian counterpart of the courier company will try to charge you customs. You just have to ignore it and mail or raise a ticket in cp & eb freshdesk, they take care of that.

the device

The device comes in a small box, the back with a QR code to download the accompanying android app.

Download the app, if you’re lucky, it has only 4 steps and one prerequisite (the app will guide you). I’ll give the steps along with some points to make it work (maybe, it worked with Seltos GTX+ and Samsung S21 for 2020)


Before you do anything, go to your phone setting, find the advanced option for AA and enable the developer option if it is not already enabled. Now from the developer settings of the top right menu, enable “Add Wireless Drop to Settings”.

Make sure “wireless android auto” is also enabled.

Contact steps:

  1. start the car
  2. Connect the device using the supplied USB cable to the vehicle’s USB AA port
  3. It will search for the AAW wireless device – this time, if your car Bluetooth is already connected, disconnect it from your phone’s Bluetooth menu. On the AAW wireless app search screen, select AAW wireless device from the list. It will connect to the AAW wireless device and may ask you to grant some permissions. allow them.
  4. The application will run in normal mode on the mobile and the device will try to connect to the AA of the car with all default settings.

If you’re lucky, your infotainment system will show AA. But it may require some troubleshooting only on the first try. For me there were two settings that had to be done for it to work.


The app’s interface is clean, but there isn’t much detail about the options that do what they do.

For my case, I had to set the following things for it to work. From the AAW wireless app, go to Settings:

  1. Set USB mode to MTP (from default)
  2. Set Pass through to Enabled

Voila, the infotainment system displays AA, as before.

After that first setup and troubleshooting, once connected, it becomes clear afterwards. If WiFi and Bluetooth are always enabled on your phone, it will connect automatically as soon as you start the car. It takes about 15 seconds to connect the AA to the car’s infotainment system. Tested with Google Maps and Amazon Music, both worked flawlessly for the limited time I used them. So far, no delay has been detected. After using it fully for a longer time, this theme will be constantly updated.

All AAW wireless users can discuss issues, troubleshooting and solutions in this thread.

Check out the BHPian comments for more ideas and information.

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