Jury of the 75th Cannes Short Film Festival

Edition 75

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28.04.22. 8:04 PM

A producer once told me he’s looking to make small, low-budget films, and it immediately ran out. I have nothing against low-budget movies, but they should be big. I want to see the whole world in these films. More precisely, I want to see a world that I can only know through the aforementioned film. A world in which the director of this “low budget film” challenges, engages, embodies, discovers and shapes for themselves. I know the films we will be shown in this selection are the ones that will give me a glimpse of things to come in the next few years. Anyway, I know I will reconnect with that love of the world and of cinema that I felt at the age of six, when I saw my first movie. It was great.

Yousry Nasrallah, head of the short film jury

Yousry Nasrallah


Egyptian director Yousry Nasrallah studied economics and political science at Cairo University and became a film critic and assistant director in Beirut. Upon his return to Cairo in 1982, he worked with Youssef Chahine Bonaparte in Egypt, with production company Misr International Films continuing to produce his first films. He made his first feature film summer thefts (Directors’ Week) 1988, follow up with mercedes (1993) selected at the Locarno Film Festival, On boys and girls and the veil (1995) a documentary about Egypt’s youth, and City (1999), which won the Locarno Special Jury Prize. His name was adapted from a book to a screen adapted from the novel by Elias Khoury sun gate He was in the official selection for Cannes in 2004. He went to shoot marine life exhibition (2008) and Scheherazade, tell me a story (2009) which was shown at the Venice Film Festival. In 2011, he got internal external is included in 18 days, a selection of short films shown at Cannes in honor of Egypt. The following year he returned to the official selection, in competition with after the battle. his last movie Brooks, Meadows and pretty faces It was presented in official competition at the Locarno Film Festival in 2016.

Monia Shukri
Actress and Director


Monia Choukri from Quebec is a trained actress who graduated from the Institute of Performing Arts in Montreal. She started her career as a stage actress before she met Xavier Dolan with whom she filmed heart beats (Selected for Un Certain Regard 2010) and Lawrence anyway (Selected for Un Certain Regard 2012). Besides her work as an actress, she released her first short film in 2013 extraordinary person, Winning the Young Jury Prize for Best International Short Film at the 66th Locarno Film Festival. In 2019, she returned to Cannes with her first feature film, Brother’s loveAnd which won the Coup de cœur award from Un Certain Regard. In 2022, she will present her second feature film as a director Nursemaidwhich was selected in the Midnight Category of the Sundance Film Festival.

Laura Wandell
Director and screenwriter


Belgian director and screenwriter Laura Wandel trained at the Institute of Arts in Diffusion (IAD) before working on several groups as a studio manager, wardrobe manager and interior designer. In 2010, she co-directed oh negative With Gaëtan D’Agostino followed by her solo review foreign bodies Selected in competition in the Short Film category of Cannes in 2014. In 2021, she returns to Cannes with her first feature film. Playground, which was part of the official selection for Un Certain Regard and won the FIPRESCI Prize. One of 15 films pre-selected for the Academy Award for Best Feature Film internationally, Playground She won in seven categories at the Belgian Magritte Awards. Laura Wandel is currently working on her second feature film, which is being developed within La Résidence of the Festival de Cannes.

Favorable Felix
Actor and Director


Actor and director Felix Mwati portrayed him in the film Lisa Azuelos very funny followed by pirate tv By Michelle Leclerc – Winning his first César Award nomination for Best Promising Actor – , nice and easy Written by Benjamin Guedge, Hippocrates by Thomas Lilty and Jerome Bonnell all about them. In 2016, his first short film ibris susanne It was in competition in the short film category of the Cannes Film Festival. He continued his acting career in France in So Abadi Some like it veiled And drown or swim By Gilles Lellouche (introduced out of competition in 2018), and abroad with resistance By Jonathan Jacobovich and Wes Anderson French Dispatch. Besides, he shot his first feature film, father and sons, to universal acclaim. With the title role in Fabian Gorgart the family In 2022, Félix Moati will soon return to the silver screen again in not my type by Michelle Leclerc.

Jean-Claude Raspengias
Journalist and film critic


Jean-Claude Raspengias is the newspaper’s prominent cultural correspondent La Croix and columnist at Le Masque et la Plume On Radio France Inter. He has written several books, including Bertrand Tavernier (2001, Flamarion), routers (2020, L’Iconoclaste) and Une vie sur l’eau – Le monde des bateliers (2022, L’Iconoclaste), as well as documentaries Privés de télé (1986) and Paroles d’otages (Vepa d’Or, 1989), who co-directed it with Patrick Foulson. This article was co-authored by Jean-Claude Raspengias Ces Annees-labook published on the occasion of the 70th Cannes Festival (2017, iStock).

Yousri Nasrallah © Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty Images
Monia Choukri © François Berthier
Laura Wandel © Brecht van Miele
Félix Moati © Philippe Quaisse / Pasco & Co
Jean-Claude Raspengias © DR

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