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The Windows 10 April 2022 Cumulative Update is now available with a long list of improvements for everyone. The April 2022 patch is actually a huge release and there are a lot of noticeable changes if you haven’t installed the optional March 2022 update.

The Windows 11 April 2022 Update fixes up to 119 vulnerabilities (we don’t take Microsoft Edge into account). Of these many security issues, 47 are under “elevation of privilege”, 47 are remote vulnerabilities, and there are 9 denial of service vulnerabilities.

10 “Critical” security issues that can be exploited to run remote code on affected devices. In addition to the above issues, the company also fixed 13 information disclosure, 3 spoofing, and 26 Microsoft Edge issues. Microsoft is aware of three zero-day vulnerabilities, according to official release notes.

to Install the April 2022 Cumulative Updates on Windows 10Use these steps:

  • Opens Windows Settings in Windows 10.
  • Click Updates and security.
  • Click “Windows Update“.
  • Choose “Check for updates“.
  • Click “Restart nowto complete the installation.

The April 2022 Update is based on the original version of Windows 10 2004 and can be installed on all versions released after v2004. However, the build revision number will be different for all versions. For example, if you are in the November 2021 update, you will receive bUild number 19044.1645. Similarly, if you are in the May 2021 update, you will get version 19043.1645.

While the build number is different, the change is the same for all versions of Windows 10 receiving the update today. This is because the company has stopped treating new Windows 10 releases as major releases since the release of version 2004 in May 2020. Windows 10 version 21H2, version 21H1 or 20H2 was built on top of version 2004.

Windows 10 April 2022 Cumulative Updates:

  1. KB5012653 (Build 10240.19265) for Version 1507.
  2. KB5012596 (Build 14393.5066) for Version 1607.
  3. KB5012647 (Build 17763.2803) for Version 1809.
  4. KB5012591 (Build 18363.2212) for Version 1909.
  5. KB5012599 (Build 19042.1645, 19042.1645, 19043.1645 and 19044.1645) for v2004, 20H2, v21H1, and 21H2.

Windows 10 April 2022 Cumulative Updates Overview

Windows 10 Patch Tuesday (April 2022) release comes with some new features, including a new search feature.

Microsoft’s new Search Features aims to make the Windows Search homepage fun and engaging. As the name suggests, the search features will display content related to your interests, trending topics in Bing, today’s topic, or facts related to the current date.

April 2022 patch update Tuesday

The search features will display things like Earth Day information associated with the search, as well as Bing features like “Word of the Day.” Likewise, you can also access and learn more about Microsoft Rewards offers, according to Microsoft officials.

Although the feature may seem more consumer-centric, Microsoft says it can display results related to an organization if a user is signed in with a work or school account. When using a work account, the search will display updates from your organization, suggested people, synced or linked files, and more.

The search feature requires Windows 10 April Update or later and is rolling out in phases, so installing the update will not be enough. There is no specific release date specified in the release notes, but officials said it will happen over the coming weeks.

On the Windows 11 side, the feature was released as part of KB5012592.

April 2022 Windows 10 Update

Similarly, we fixed a bug where Windows Search Indexer (searchindexer.exe) could block search results in Outlook app.

Build 19044.1645 for Windows 10 Version 21H2

Windows 10 version 21H2 gets Build 19044.1645 (KB5012599) and comes with the following changes:

  • A new way to change the color of the buttons that appear within the notification toast. This can help users more easily identify success and critical scenarios, but it obviously works with applications that use Windows notifications in the operating system rather than their own implementation.
  • This feature makes notifications more compact visually.
  • You can now expand the top three notifications for an app by default in the Action Center.
  • Fixed an error where the Group Policy service could stop processing telemetry information for Group Policy logging preferences.
  • Microsoft has fixed an issue that could prevent the DNS server query resolution policy from working.
  • Microsoft has fixed an issue that prevents the User Account Control (UAC) dialog from detecting applications that require the privilege.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Android from logging into some Microsoft apps, such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams.

Windows 10 version 1909, 20H2 support ends

Microsoft has confirmed in a bulletin that support for Windows 10 version 1909 and Windows 10 Version 20H2 (all versions) will end in May 2022, and users are required to install a new supported version as soon as possible.

Life ends on May 10, and Microsoft clarified that both versions of Windows 10 will remain vulnerable to potential post-service attacks.

Microsoft noted in the warning: “After that date, devices running these versions will no longer receive monthly security and quality updates that contain protections from the latest security threats.”

If you don’t update the device yourself, Microsoft will automatically start updating unsupported devices to version 21H2 or later.

Microsoft said this keeps your device supported and receiving monthly updates that are essential for security and ecosystem health.

Windows 11 remains the company’s top priority, but Microsoft has confirmed that it intends to support the operating system with security patches and updates until October 2025.

Windows 11 April 2022 Update

As we mentioned at the beginning, Patch Tuesday means an update to all supported Microsoft products and this includes Windows 11 as well.

Microsoft also published a similar update for Windows 11 with a lot of changes, including a fix for an issue that made it difficult for users to switch between Edge and other browsers.

In addition, Microsoft has also enabled a new search interface for those using Windows 11.

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