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What is the Windows Recovery Environment and how do you boot into it

The Windows Recovery Environment, also called WinRE, is an important tool in the Windows operating system that can help you fix a range of problems with Windows computers.

In this article, we’ll look a little deeper into the exact operations of the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). Let’s get started.

What is Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)?

WinRE is a useful Windows tool that helps you repair your Windows environment.

Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) is a companion operating system that installs alongside Windows 10, usually in a separate partition, that can aid in troubleshooting, recovery, or booting from external media, such as a USB drive. WinRE is also used during The Windows update process to apply updates in specific paths or stages. (This process is sometimes referred to as SafeOS.),” says Aaron Lower of Microsoft.

Now that we know its function, let’s take a look at how to access it.

Accessing the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

A special feature of WinRE is that if you encounter any problems, the tool will launch automatically.

However, even if you are not currently experiencing any problems with your computer working, you can still access WinRE without any hassles. But, before you get started, make sure you enable it in the first place. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. go to start menu Search bar, type “cmd”, and start cmd as administrator.
  2. In cmd, type the following command and press Enters:
  3. Check the status of Windows RE. It should be set to Maybe. If the status is set to disabled, run the following command below:
    detector c/Maybe

Now that you have checked the status of Win RE to be enabled, you can start running WinRE manually.

Here’s how you can run WinRE:

  • Turn off your computer and the next time you turn it on, press F11 key while operating it. However, depending on your computer manufacturer, you may have to press different keys, such as F9 or F12.

Alternatively, you can also boot into WinRE using Windows Settings. go to start menu Search bar, type “settings”, and select the best match. Instead, tap Windows key + I.

In the Settings menu, tap System > Recovery. Now, from under advanced launch section, click Restart now. This will prompt your computer to restart and take you directly to WinRE.

windows recovery

Things to do with the Windows Recovery Environment

But, what are the exact tools provided by the Windows Recovery Environment? Let’s take a look at all the tools we have.

1. Reset your PC

If your computer has been stuck for a while now, you can count on doing a factory reset through WinRE. Although you can reset your PC through Windows settings as well, WinRE comes in handy when you are unable to access your PC.

Reset windows computer

2. Startup Settings

Do you want to change your computer’s startup behavior? The startup settings feature is what you should put your stakes in. For example, after you are in the startup settings through WinRE, you can then enter Safe Mode, which helps you to run your Windows with minimal programs.

Additional settings

3. System Restore

With WinRE feature, you can use restore restore point.

System Restore creates a restore point, which is an image of your computer based on the previous settings, where everything runs smoothly. You can then resort to these settings when something happens to your computer.

All about the Windows Recovery Environment

This ends our brief introduction to the Windows Recovery Environment. As a complement to WinRE, you must have a good Windows backup set up beforehand. After all, precautions are better than cure and data loss is a major inconvenience to almost all computer workers.

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