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Ranking of all GTA games available on Android in 2022

Rockstar’s biggest attraction is their GTA franchise, which has been created for almost every major platform. They have also ported some of their most popular games to mobile devices, and GTA Ports are some of the best sellers. This article ranks these games based on their quality and mobile entertainment factor.

Some of these are not as good as the original PC/console version and are quite buggy. Meanwhile, others seem to be better than the original version. They can all be downloaded from the Play Store.

Each GTA Android game is rated according to its quality

5) GTA San Andreas

The original San Andreas version, when it came out on PS2, was hailed as a masterpiece. It exceeded every fan’s expectations and offered a diverse open world that was easy to get addicted to. This game is so rich in features that some of them are not even found in later titles.

However, the portable game converter has many problems. The first and most obvious change in this version is the graphics. Colors have been rebuilt, with no PS2 era pigment.

The characters and clothes have a shiny but stretchy texture that looks very distracting and unusual. Then come the controls, which are now more restrictive, making some actions impossible. However, the biggest issue is the number of bugs in the game, which makes it unplayable.

The game suffers from random crashes and often refuses to open. It is also much less stable than the PC version and may crash when using cheats or mods.

4) GTA Liberty City Stories

Liberty City Stories was created for the PSP, and therefore, it seems that other mobile devices will not have problems running it. However, the quality of the Android version of the game is not as good as the PSP version or the PS2 port.

The game is a hit or miss at best. For some players, it works perfectly fine without any bugs or crashes at all. For others, the game refuses to start or crashes after a certain point is reached. Some players have also reported sensitivity issues with the controls.

3) Vice City of GTA

The mobile version of Vice City, called the 10th Anniversary Edition, looks much better than other mobile ports. The characters aren’t all shiny and rubbery, although there are no Android San Andreas enhanced car reflections.

The controls in Vice City were already more restrictive than in San Andreas. Thus, switching to touch controls didn’t make them any more restrictive than they actually were in the original game. Vice City’s mobile port issues are somewhat similar to San Andreas on Android.

The game has many bugs, some of them can be very annoying. Certain vehicles are bugged by poor scripting, while many NPCs have path-finding issues, resulting in frequent traffic collisions.

2) GTA 3

Just like Vice City, GTA 3 also got a mobile port for its 10th anniversary. However, this version is a lot more polished than other 3D Universe games’ mobile ports. It doesn’t contain any game-breaking bugs, and it’s mostly stable.

As with other re-recorders, the original tone has been removed from the Android version. However, this seems to work well with this game because the darker-colored Liberty City was not as well made as the last games. In fact, the Android version of the game can be said to be better than the original PC/console version.

1) GTA Chinatown Wars

As can be seen from the above games, most of the Android ports of GTA games are from the 3D Universe. Chinatown Wars differs in this aspect as it is a top-down isometric game with 3D environments and 2.5D characters.

This game returns to the style of the first two GTA games and was first launched on the Nintendo DS. The Android port is identical to the PSP version, which was graphically superior to the DS version. Chinatown Wars seems quite suitable for mobile devices as it was designed for the touch screen of the DS.

It has many mini-games in different stages and it offers an immersive experience through the use of touch screen controls. Stolen cars with hot wires, tattoo triad members and many other activities are carried out through mini games. The game is based on Liberty City from the HD Universe.

Chinatown Wars is quite stable and bug-free, but some users reported crashes.

Noticeable: This article is subjective and only reflects the views of the author.

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