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Tracy Baldwin, 50, lives in Stockport and said her windows have been shattered 14 times in the past two years. She also said fireworks were thrown at the property where she lives with her 25-year-old daughter, Judy.

Now, Ms Baldwin said police warned her that her “life was in danger” if she did not leave the area where she had lived her whole life.

She said: They are targeting my house. There is a big gang of them.

“I can’t even go to the store without being intimidated by the teens, or get out of the house without looking behind my back. That’s how bad the situation is.”

“I reported every incident to the police and they did nothing. They said my life was in danger in the building.”

The first attacks on Mrs Baldwin’s home were reported in 2020, prompting the 50-year-old to spend more than £500 on CCTV cameras.

However, despite the cash, the cameras did nothing to deter the attackers from vandalizing her home in Norcross Close, Overton.

CCTV footage, seen by the Manchester Evening News, shows the young men approaching the property before bricks are fired through Mrs Baldwin’s windows.

The latest incident occurred on Saturday, when someone kicked Mrs. Baldwin’s gate before someone else threw something into her window.

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Days ago, the mother said her kitchen and bathroom windows had been smashed by a gang of young men.

Ms Baldwin, who is also a cleaner at Manchester Airport, said she had had to take time off work to deal with accidents.

She said she reported each attack to Greater Manchester Police.

The force says it investigated the incidents, but no suspects were ever identified.

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Stockport Homes, the housing association that owns the property, also urged Mrs. Baldwin to move elsewhere, which she reluctantly agreed.

Speaking to the men, Mrs. Baldwin said: “They [the youths] He forced me out of my house.

“I don’t want to go anywhere else but I have no other choice.

“I’ve been here for as long as 51 years. They should help me out instead of taking me out.

“Why should I act if I’m not the one causing the problem?”

Superintendent Shane Naseem, from the GMP Stockport District, said: “We are currently investigating two reported incidents of criminal damage to a property at Norcross Close in Stockport, and a number of lines of investigation have been implemented.

“Previous incidents reported to us were investigated and all lines of investigation were followed up including CCTV and forensics but no suspects were identified.

“We are working alongside partners to resolve the situation, help prevent any further incidents and continue to make inquiries quickly as no one should feel unsafe in their own home.

“Anyone with information is asked to report it online or via LiveChat at or by calling 101. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800555 111.”

John Booker, chief operating officer of Stockport Homes, added: “We have worked closely with residents and police to identify and hold perpetrators accountable for crimes and have introduced additional security measures to deter incidents.

“We are committed to ensuring safe homes and neighborhoods because the safety of residents is our primary concern – we have previously discussed rehousing options with residents while working to address issues, and since a move has now been requested, we will support the resident in securing new property and helping them relocate.

“Of course, we will continue to work with the resident and the police to identify the perpetrators and hold them accountable for the damage and harassment they caused,” he added.

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