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EA Desktop keeps crashing and logging me out on my Windows PC

EA Desktop is one of the best launchers on the market. However, a lot of users have complained about an issue with the app. According to them, EA Desktop keeps crashing or won’t boot on Windows PCs. It even logs users out sometimes. In this article, we will tackle this issue and learn what you need to do to troubleshoot it.

Why does the EA keep crashing?

Often times, your EA’s application file got corrupted causing it to crash. There are several reasons for this like incorrect shutdowns, corrupted installation media, etc. However, this is not the only reason, conflicting apps, lack of privileges, and glitches are some of the other reasons. Below, we have mentioned solutions to explore all the causes.

Why does EA Desktop keep logging me out?

There are a lot of reports regarding an issue where EA Desktop keeps logging users out after putting their PC to sleep. The problem could be an error or something is wrong with your network. For the first reason, you have to install the latest version of EA Desktop. However, if something is wrong with your network, you should try the solutions mentioned later to fix it.

EA Desktop keeps crashing and logging me out

If EA Desktop keeps crashing and maybe even you log out of your PC, then the following solutions are sure to fix the problem.

  1. Close other EA apps
  2. Check your internet connection
  3. Restart the router
  4. Reset network protocols
  5. Clear EA Desktop Cache
  6. Create a new EA Account
  7. Run EA Desktop as an administrator
  8. Troubleshooting in Clean Boot
  9. Reinstall the app

Let’s talk about it in detail.

1]Close other EA apps

Apparently, EA Desktop won’t work if you have another EA app like Origin running in the background. So, before opening EA Desktop, try closing Origin and quit every instance of the program. After clicking the Close button of the other EA app, go to the Task Manager, right click on it and select End Task. Now, open the EA Desktop, hope it does the trick.

2]Check your internet connection

Now, try to check your internet connection if the app is logging you out. You can use a free internet speed test program to find out your bandwidth. If it is low, use the same tool on another device connected to the same network. If all devices have poor internet, contact your ISP. Otherwise, fix the slow internet issue on your device.

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3]Restart the router

To fix the network issue, try to recycle your router. This will clear the network cache and hopefully, will fix the problem you’re experiencing. To restart the router, follow the described steps.

  • Turn off and unplug the router.
  • Wait for 30 seconds to one minute.
  • Connect the router and restart it.

This should work for you

4]Reset network protocols

There could be some flaw in the network protocols causing the respective problem. We will reset the network protocols and see if that works.

So, open Command Prompt As administrator and run the following commands.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset

We hope it does the trick for you.

5]Clear EA Desktop Cache

Corrupted apps cache is another reason why an app might crash. We need to clear it and see if that works.

There are two scenarios here, they are.

  • You can open the app but then it crashes. If this is the case, open EA Desktop, click the three horizontal lines and click Help > Recover the app.
  • If the application does not run on your system, search EA Apps Recovery From the start menu and open it.

Then, in both cases, you need to click on File Clear cache button to run the tool. Let it run and do its thing. Then restart your computer and open the application. We hope to do the job for you.

6]Create a new EA Account

For some users, EA Desktop was not working due to some corruption in EA Account. So, they tried logging in with a different account and it worked like a charm. You should also try using a different account and see if it works.

7]Run EA Desktop as administrator

Sometimes EA Desktop lacks administrative privileges. We should try giving it the required permissions and see if that works. So, right-click on the EA Desktop app and select Run as administrator. The only caveat with this method is that you need to do this two-step procedure every time to open the app. That’s why you have to change the properties of the shortcut to make it run in elevated mode all the time. Follow the given steps to do the same.

  1. Right-click on the application and select properties.
  2. go to Compatibility tab.
  3. put a mark Run this program as administrator.
  4. click Apply > OK.

Now, when you open the app, it will be launched with administrative privileges.

8]Troubleshooting in Clean Boot

The app may also crash if a third party program is interfering with its operations. Therefore, you should open the computer in Clean Boot State and see if the application crashes. If you don’t crash, try to heat up potential suspects, and eventually, you’ll stumble upon the culprit. Just remove this app and your problem will be solved.

9]Reinstall the app

If all else fails, then reinstalling the app should be your last resort. But we will not use the traditional method to remove the application, as it will not remove the logs and some files that can cause problems in the future. We will be using a free app, Revo Uninstaller. It is a small application, so download and install it on your system. After installing the application, follow the given steps to uninstall EA Desktop using Revo Uninstaller.

  • Open Revo Uninstaller.
  • Right click on EA Apps and select uninstall.
  • The EA Desktop Uninstall window will pop up, follow the onscreen instructions to perform the process.
  • Set the scanning modes to Moderate. Scan will initially be grayed out, so wait for EA Desktop to uninstall, then click the Scan button.
  • You will see records left, click Select All > Delete > Next.
  • Then you will see some other files, click Select All > Delete > Next.

After uninstalling the application, restart your computer, go to and download the application. Then install EA Desktop and hopefully it won’t crash this time.

If EA Desktop is causing you trouble, try Origin. But first, check out our detailed comparison of EA Desktop and EA Origin.

How do I fix EA Desktop?

If you want to repair EA Desktop, follow the solutions we mentioned in this article. However, if you do receive an error, it is best that you use the error code to look for solutions. Every error code you see in EA Desktop has meaning in it. This is why it is important to check the troubleshooting guide for the specific error code.

Here are some of the most common EA Desktop errors.

EA Desktop keeps crashing and logging me out on my Windows PC

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