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Eyes were raised when it was announced that RoboCop 3 would be removing its violence again for a softer rating – a decade before others began doing so.

In early 2010 that was 20y Century Fox – Remember that name? She has made a string of new friends among UK movie-goers. Its buzz at the time, and it felt a little different at the time, was the paring down of a series of sharp-edged films to earn them softer ratings from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). As such, movies like Taken 2And Taken 3 And Good day to die hard Three of the films I wasn’t expecting were hacked for 12A certification in the UK (although not hacked anywhere else in the world). After all, what parent wouldn’t want to take their kids to see Liam Neeson grumbling on the phone?

Fox has taken a lot of criticism regarding its decisions, but the harsh truth is that its approach has been justified. globally reprehensible Good day to die hard It underperformed in most regions around the world, but not in the UK, where acquisitions escalated. And in fact even movies like Equalizer – From Sony in this case – The violence level was reduced again to get 15 instead of 18. And that also seemed to work.

By this time of course, Hollywood was in the midst of its 12A/PG-13 obsession. Every blockbuster, with very few exceptions, had to stick to a steady pace, and woe to any director who made a cut of their extravagant film that attracted an R rating from the MPAA in the United States. After all, the given belief, backed by fairness with a lot of numbers, was that you stand a higher chance of making more money with a softer valuation. Not too weak: No one wants to see a PG-rated action movie, according to the theory. But 12A / PG-13 became the ideal place. It’s really only the appearance of the streamers that allowed us to have a good fight/swear/punk in the movie again.

It’s hard to say exactly where Hollywood turned, but perhaps Fox (again) made the fourth decision die hard Filming PG-13 in the United States was an important moment. The 2006 sequel masked John McClane’s famous bonus line with a gunshot, and Bruce Willis’ titled picture of Bruce Willis earned its soft American rating. In the UK, ironically, I swear has not been muffled and the movie released as the 15th. When Zack Snyder guards The movie, which cost nine characters to make and earned an R again in 2009, failed to make gold at the box office, and an R rating was blamed nonetheless. Studios won’t make who – which error again.

Bring the kids! Let’s get popcorn!

However, history has taken a slightly different turn, the 1990s may have been the rise of the PG-13/12A ground impulse rather than the 2000s. Because in the early ’90s it was announced that Orion Pictures – at that point in desperate need of a hit to stay in business (I had to sell Addams family Months before the movie’s release, just to stay afloat) – he was going to the family audience for the new movie Robocop Movie. The violence would have been reduced, and a more family-friendly movie made.

What can go wrong?

“Sacrilege” did not begin to cover the response this ad received, and that was even before the advent of the World Wide Web. It’s hard to think of a more violent major franchise to take such an approach. The original Paul Verhoeven in 1987 Robocop He struggled after all just to get an 18 in the UK and an R in the US. 90s Robocop 2 It showed no signs of pacifism either, and the extreme violence and drugs in this movie meant the rating was not in doubt. Against the backdrop of two very violent films, Orion wanted to expand the appeal of the next sequel, and nearly torpedoed the franchise as he did.

In fact, the movie became Robocop 3 He had a lot of conflict with him before it became clear that Orion was taking a left turn. The studio was pretty much broke when they gave the film the go-ahead, and would have made it on a smaller budget. With ambitious flying effects planned for the film, this seemed a bit of a dice indeed.

Then Peter Wheeler chose not to return to sit in a tin can for a third film (due to obligations to David Cronenberg Naked lunch), and the role of RoboCop/Murphy was recast. Enter Robert Burke. Filming had to move in as part of the necessary economies, and Orion’s bankruptcy was in turn halted by a planned summer 1993 release. Ultimately, the movie wouldn’t be released until November of that year. It should still have been a proper release slot, but the story was one of delay.

However, there was a small glimmer of light. She signed a deal in late 1992 with Iwerks Entertainment that saw the licensing of Orion Robocop Character for amusement park ride. Meanwhile, April 1993 saw Orion make a deal for a TV series as well. Then there was a bold plan to mitigate the violence in the upcoming movie itself, and it caught the attention of younger audiences. Surely this will bring more money?

In fairness after all, the audience was already interested. Robocop Interconnected computer games have been huge sellers especially among the under-18s, and it seems like an entire generation got hold of a copy of the 1987 original to watch anyway. Few high school playgrounds at the time lacked people who watched the movie they weren’t supposed to see for many more years.

As such, a kid-focused robo (an idea originally floated on a video game box)? That seems to be, in commercial terms at least, a gamble worth the risk. And I still wonder what would have happened if the resulting movie had been a lot – arf – cop.

Robocop 3

Better put that away…

Looking back Robocop 3 Nearly three decades later, it wasn’t the lack of blood and guts that most marked the film. It’s a fact that it’s, well, not very good. He’s not without some decent ideas, but implementing those ideas, and cute, is on the cheap side, and he struggles to hold it all together. Director Fred Decker has given interviews that say the same thing, and it’s hard to disagree with him.

It was easy at the time to blame this for the removal of the aforementioned bloody violence. The claim that the studio failed to understand the film’s core audience (and arguably, wasn’t the fact that so many of us were watching something that wasn’t actually meant to be part of what made it special?).

But what about the stripping of sarcasm? black humor? It was those factors that helped draw the initial audience in in the first place, and reduce it to a standard sci-fi flick—again, albeit with some interesting ideas—that felt like bending the film toward the target audience who actually favored earlier films. The fact that he had to figure out the story of the first two movies didn’t help either. a bit like the question How to train your dragon 4 To follow from game of thrones episode.

king Robocop 3 Hit, though? Was the movie good? Just imagine what the next decade would have looked like if Hollywood earlier came to the theory that PG-13 was a pot of gold. did we see Con AirHe said remove the faceSeven Die hard with revenge? what will Stranger: Resurrection It has been? or lethal weapon 4? They may have been silly assumptions, but at least – for better or worse – Orion’s thinking was way ahead of the metaphorical curve. It will take the rest of Hollywood more than a decade to catch up, for better or worse.

Instead, what happened was that the movie failed, Orion was gone, and other studios were thwarted from messing with the big blockbusters for a few more years. Of course, the Robocop The chain itself hasn’t made a full recovery either.

Not for trying. I loved the 2014 reboot personally, but it obviously had to come out as PG-13, and people pointed fingers at each other instead of guns. maybe a topic Return of RoboCop The movie will put all of this right, if it makes it through the system. Ironically, in this case, it would follow a trend rather than try to lead it if it came out with a harder assessment. With Amazon money now supporting MGM as well, the current rights holders of RobocopThe movie might get a decent budget, too, with a safety cover prominently located on the Prime Video menu screen. This may be where Robo can thrive again.

Well, that and the big screen. Because I’m personally more interested in having the 1987 original back in theaters next month. The eighteen testimonies were truncated, in cinemas, and the one that caught all the children’s interest in the whole of Shebang in the first place.

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