These Windows apps are outdated, risky, or deceptive

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Every computer develops some features over time: an applet you installed years ago and forgot about, or a cleaning tool that you downloaded when you wanted to free up some space, but still runs in the background. Plus, Windows comes with its own bloatware. No matter how old (or new) On your Windows PC, you should do an occasional check for the apps you have installed, and decide which ones you can do without.

here Some Windows Apps That You Should Remove as quickly as possible – either Because they’re outdated, hmm They pose a security risk, or just because they are hoaxes.

CCleaner and other cleaning tools

Windows 10 and 11 do a great job of taking care of themselves. There’s no need for a cleaning app anymore—Especially CCleaner. CCleaner used to be a file A reliable application for cleaning Windows. But in 2017, it was bought by Avast, which He started adding unnecessary features and data-Monitoring tools. While the app is better about these things now, there is no need to use a cleaning tool like CCleaner these days.

Redundant technologies such as Flash, Silverlight, and Java

Adobe Flash is nothing more than that. Thank goodness. But it might still be About your computer. The same may be true for older frameworks and technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight, Java, and Shockwave. Go to your list of apps, and if you see any of them in the list, make it an instant kill.

Free screenshot tool like Lightshot

Lightshot is a free utility for taking screenshots and uploading them to the cloud. It’s useful, but It has security risks. we I suggest you do not use Which A third-party screenshot tool for taking a screenshot of personal data — for exampleEspecially something like Lightshot that connects to cloud storage, where you have no control over the data.

Use the Window Snipping Tool, or ShareX, our recommendation for Best screenshot tool for Windows (Then store screenshots only locally.)


Cortana is one of those Microsoft projects that has never really worked. It was already hidden in Windows 10, and disappeared in Windows 11. However, Cortana remains dormant in the background, taking up space and resources. use the Windows10Debloater script in PowerShell To uninstall Cortana with just one click.

Apple apps like Bonjour, QuickTime, iTunes, and more

If you installed iTunes once in 2014, you still have at least five different Apple apps installed on your computer. In the modern era, there is really no need for iTunes, and if you want to backup your iPhone or sync it with a computer, you can use a third-party tool (or just use iCloud).

Go to your apps list and remove iTunes related apps like Bonjour, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Devie Support, QuickTime and iTunes.

bloatware manufacturer

If you bought your Windows PC from anyone other than Microsoft, it likely came preinstalled with free apps. no need. Go to your apps list and find these apps. use the Do I have to remove it? To find out which apps are bloatware and uninstall them immediately.

McAfee bloatware

McAfee is one of those antivirus apps that is not secure in itself. It has been proven that It is known to be quite difficult uninstall on a Mac. It mostly comes beforeInstalled on computers, it is not an easy to use application. meIt’s easy to get rid of on Windows, though — yYou can uninstall it from the list of applications in the settings.

Torrent apps like uTorrent and BitTorrent

uTorrent used to be the best torrent app for Windows; BitTorrent came in second place. but then uTorrent is starting to get ads And bloat – and BitTorrent went the same way. uTorrent even added a crypto-mining program without telling users. ouch.

Uninstall these apps and go to qBittorrentIt is secure, free and open source.


Everyone needs an application to decompress archives withIt should not be WinRar. This is amazing a program It hasn’t seen a real update in 20 years, and it offers 40-day trials permanently. You won’t get locked out if you don’t pay, but it will Keep showing annoying popup. Switch to a file 7- Zip Code a program, It is free and easy to use.

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