The Bling Ring: How to watch an Emma Watson movie and its cast

The Bling Ring has been notorious for stealing some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities including Megan Fox, Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton

The story was recently made into a documentary that will air on Channel 4 this week, but was first told in the film by Sofia Coppola, starring Emma Watson and featuring notables from Hilton and Kirsten Dunst.

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Here’s everything you need to know about The Bling Ring starring Emma Watson.

What happens in the movie The Bling Ring?

The Bling Ring movie follows the dramatic story of real thieves known as the Bling Ring.

It tells the unexpected story of how this group of California teens meet in high school and decide to go on a heist spree in an effort to be like Hollywood stars.

The group of teenagers has robbed celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton – who have robbed them three times.

The characters in the movie do not bear the same names as the real-life members of the Bling Ring, and include notables from Paris Hilton and Kirsten Dunst.

Who are the members of The Bling Ring?

The characters in The Bling Ring are based on the real people who took part in the heinous robberies. However, their names have been changed.

Below is a list of the cast members, who play The Bling Ring and who are the real people whose characters are based.

Emma Watson plays Nicolette “Nikki” Moore – based on Alexis Haines (née Neiers).

Katie Chang plays Rebecca Ann – who is based on Rachel Lee.

Israel Broussard plays Marc Hall – who is based on Nick Prugo.

Claire Julian plays Chloe Tyner – who is based on Courtney Ames.

Carlos Miranda plays Rob Hernandez – who is based on Roy Lopez Jr.

Gavin Rossdale plays Ricky – who is based on Johnny Agar.

Georgia Rock plays Emily Moore – who is based on both Gabe Niers and Diana Tamayo.

Annie Fitzgerald plays Kate – who is based on sales of Nancy Jo.

How can I watch The Bling Ring?

The Bling Ring is available to stream in the UK through Youtube, Apple TV and Google Play Movie for £2.49, and it’s available to stream on Amazon Prime for £3.49.

The movie was previously available on Netflix, but the streaming platform has since removed it from its listings.

Is The Bling Ring Based On A True Story?

The Bling Ring is based on the true story of a group of California teens who robbed the homes of Hollywood celebrities including Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan.

The teen group consisted of: Rachel Lee, Nick Brugo, Alexis Haines, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Amis and Johnny Agar.

They looted an estimated 50 homes between October 2008 and August 2009, resulting in the theft of nearly $3 million.

The group was eventually arrested and each was tried and sentenced to prison.

What did the real members of The Bling Ring say about the movie?

In an interview with Ziwe Fumudow on Instagram Live, former Bling Ring member Alexis Haines spoke about the movie and how she felt about her portrayal.

Haines was unhappy with the comments Watson made about her, saying, “The problem I had was the comments [Watson] About me and the role despite the fact that she already knew I was a convict… Like the heroin part, the drug addiction part was already up. So I was actually getting therapy at the time they were shooting the movie.”

She also added that she did not watch the movie and did not plan to.

When is Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist released?

The first episode of the three-part series will be broadcast on Channel 4 on April 24 at 10 pm.

Subsequent episodes will air on April 25 at 10pm and April 26 at 10pm.

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