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How to use Linux Terminal on Android 2022 Tip

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Check out how to use Linux Terminal on Android

Want to practice Linux commands? You don’t necessarily have to install a full distro for this. There are many websites where you can use Linux terminal online. These websites work fine on desktop computers, but not on mobile devices. So, there are no problems. Finally, Android is based on the Linux kernel. There are many applications that allow you to practice Linux commands using your Android smartphone and connect to a remote server via SSH. Of course, you should not expect them to replace the regular Linux Terminal emulator on your desktop.

However, there are quite a few interesting options available for Android. For the sake of simplicity, we are going to prepare two different classes. One covers the terminal emulator and the other focuses on remoting (SSH) along with the terminal interface. Please note that you need root access on your Android phone to browse, copy/paste and perform advanced operations using commands like ls.

How to use Linux Terminal on Android

Terminal Emulator for Android

The first suggestion is one of the oldest applications for using a Linux terminal. All in all, Terminal Emulator for Android allows its users to enjoy the built-in Linux command line on their Android phones. Jack Palevich developed this app and made it free for everyone.

It comes with a simple interface and a very easy-to-use rule pack. It also does not waste your time displaying annoying ads.


If you are looking for a powerful Linux terminal application that comes with the cleanest interface, then this is for you. Termux from Fredrik Fornwall initially comes with a large selection of Linux packages. The entire app has nothing but Terminal.

So there is no way you can get confused while using it. Moreover, it allows you to access remote servers simply by using the OpenSSH SSH client. Moreover, it comes with six additional accessories and three repositories.

Qute: Station Simulator

How about a Linux Terminal with a built-in command line for Android? Qute, the DDM terminal emulator works perfectly as a command prompt. Also, you can use it to run UnixLinux commands and also to install bin files.

Also, you can use bash script editor with this app. Also, the interface is better than any general terminal app. You will have everything properly organized here.

busy box

BusyBox is a great option for Android users who want to take control of Linux’s internal command line shell. This Android Terminal Emulator requires a rooted device to function properly. It is one of the most popular companies among its competitors.

There is a professional version, but the vanilla version is more than enough for ordinary users. It will provide you with many Unix tools similar to GNU Core Utilities.

connect bot

If you are looking for a simple SSH client for Android devices, ConnectBot is the app for you. It saves you from the extra hassle that you might face by using a full Linux Terminal Emulator. This is able to give you access to the destination server from your Android phone.

There is no need to physically access the server as you can remotely control, verify, monitor and even restart the web server using ConnectBot.

Linux app

You can now run Linux distributions on your Android phone using Linux Deploy. Linux-based distributions will only take about fifteen to twenty minutes to install. You can run almost all popular Linux distributions from Debian, CentOS, Alpine, Ubuntu, etc.

This advanced application to use a Linux terminal requires an SD card to create and install a disk image, then install the required Linux distribution. This will give users complete control and use of the appropriate Linux terminal on their custom Linux distro along with Android.

Final Words: How to Use Linux Terminal on Android

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