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Harsh Vardhan Kapoor: Don’t be arrogant my films should show in theaters

There is more creative freedom in release revenge On Netflix, says actor Harsh Vardhan Kapoor, who felt liberated from not having to censor scenes or think about the movie’s box office numbers.

This will be the fourth Netflix release for the actor, whose Bhavesh Joshi films have done well on the platform after a theatrical release while Ray and Ak vs Ak were released live on the streaming platform.

“I don’t have that vanity that my films have to show in cinema. I don’t consider myself… for me it’s not about me, it’s about the film and over the course of my career, people will see that,” Kapoor said before Thar’s release. in this approach.

The son of Bollywood star Anil Kapoor, the actor works with his father in the film, directed by debutant Raj Singh Chaudhary. The film also features Fatima Sana Sheikh, Satish Kaushik, Jitendra Joshi and Mukti Mohan.

“I feel with this movie, we were a lot more creative because you don’t have to think about squeezing the number one day, selling the satellite. There’s a decent amount of action, violence, a little bit of sex, all of those things…with Netflix, you get more Of leeway with regard to artistic expression.

“What appears on screen is to some extent exactly what is on the page. It has not been mitigated in any way by this process.” Citing an example from some of his father’s films, Kapoor said that while the box office may follow the rule of supply and demand, the real test of the film is time.

“The quality of the movie is what stands the test of time. They are two very different things, like if this movie was out in theaters and the first three days set was good, the trade would say it was a hit movie.

“But maybe people didn’t like the movie and just went because they were curious to watch it unlike other movies that come in cinemas which can’t immediately spark interest, the trade classifies it as a bad movie. I have a million examples like Nayak, Lamhe, Pukar, Parinda etc. A lot. These are the movies people are talking about right now.” Kapoor, 31, made his debut with Rakesh Amprakash Mehra Mirzia In 2018. Although the movie did not do well, the actor was noted for his performance. He followed up his debut with films that eschewed the definition of a typical Bollywood movie, something the actor said was intentional on his part.

“There’s a lot of light[on my work]from the start. It’s more because of my lineage than just being a young actor. I don’t think I’m doing anything brave or brave by making these choices. I’m just doing it for myself,” he said.

“There’s always going to be some kind of criticism but I think it’s getting less and less when people see every performance. But there will always be a little bit of… until I make a major movie that probably makes that kind of money, there’s always going to be a little bit of, ‘Oh it’ Very convenient place,” “It’s very personal.” The actor said he was “safe” in his choice of films because he believed he had a certain “taste and sensitivity” to films.

“I don’t think of anyone when I decide to do something, I only think of myself. Because I feel like it when you’re honest and you’re supposed to do things for yourself and people are supposed to like it because of serendipity and not because of determination.” Kapoor hopes that Thar will reach more people than his other films, as it has bigger cast, landscapes and visual appeal.

Inspired by the Western Noir genre, Thar is set in the 80s and traces the journey of Siddharth (Kapoor) through a remote village in Rajasthan recently rocked by a series of violent murders.

According to Kapoor, the film is a valiant attempt to construct a new world that is visually detailed and elevated in its narrative layers.

“There is a hidden meaning in everything, there are a lot of nuances. In the movie, the motives are very clear, you know who the hero or the antagonist is, who you have to root for but here, it’s open to interpretation and that’s the kind of movie I care about.”

“We don’t want to make a decision for the audience, spoon-feed them, that’s enough, it’s time for really new things and (the story) depends on the viewer’s perspective,” he said.

The actor said it was difficult to get a producer on board Thar as he is not a typical Bollywood artist.

Referring to the struggle to get a producer to support Thar, Kapoor said the movie came to him in March 2018 and was initially meant to be a theatrical release but when Netflix came out, things changed.

“Three months before the release of ‘Bhavesh Joshi’, Raj met me, we spent a year and a half showing it to two different producers and simultaneously working on the script.

“We got one (producer) and did a test shoot as well but then…when you watch the movie, you will realize that it is not a typical Indian Bollywood movie. With these films, it is always difficult to align the producers and be able to convince them with the financial vision.”

Thar, produced by Anil Kapoor Film Company (AKFC), will be released on May 6.

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