Building a Business in the Spirit of Bitcoin: Bitcoin Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) lodge is coming to the shores of Portugal. Being the first bitcoin-only hostel in Europe, Cointelegraph spoke with the founders to find out how bitcoin is shaping the business model, from planning to architecture to community.

Bitcoin is a home stay and hangout where Bitcoin (light up or on-chain) is the only acceptable payment method – a space where the “soul of bitcoin” shapes the decision-making process.

The inn was founded by Berliners Albert Wolfram and his girlfriend Valeria Pandemiglio. “It’s part business, I’m part architecture, but I’m also part bitcoin,” he jokes. Bitcoin Bitcoin combines Wolfram’s skills and hobbies: “Travel, Bitcoin, and Architecture”.

Bitcoin Bitcoin shares developments with the Bitcoin community at every stage, taking into account the requests and advice of Bitcoins in an “open source approach” to governance.

For example, when it comes to raising funds, the hostel has followed Tiago Vasconcelos’ advice to use Tallycoin. Vasconcelos is the Portuguese Bitcoiner behind the AI ​​trading bot who told readers about Hodel, and one of the co-founders of Portugal Bitcoin Citawhich is a Portuguese pun that translates to “worship of bitcoin”.

Vasconcelos told Cointelegraph that running a business through Bitcoin principles is “really annoying.” He explained that companies like Bitcoin Bitcoin are showing:

“The true spirit of Bitcoin, decentralized, community-driven, and open source! I believe it is the beginning of a new way of doing business that will begin to spread in the future!”

Indeed, the Bitcoin approach to building a business is gaining momentum, from Jack Dorsey ₿Trust, which takes any direction from moderators to Bitcoin football podcaster Peter McCormack, who intends to run it on the Bitcoin standard.

For examples of the bitcoin spirit guiding entrepreneurial but grassroots endeavours, Paco De La India travels the world with an initial Bitcoin in his pocket, while West Africa’s “Norou” seeks to put Bitcoin-based decisions at the heart of the Senegalese restoration community.

Bitcoin Portugal Portugal. Source: Bitcoin Bitcoin

The hostel hosts a contest to choose the design of the hostel while participating in Twitter Spaces and updating Bitcoiners and interested parties in real time. Regarding the design competition, although Wolframm’s professional architecture skills will come in handy, the website jokes that design “with the most fragmentation…sorry, Design-Power will win!”

In keeping with Bitcoin’s philosophy, Wolframm advocates independence and “returning power to the people.” Inspired by his master’s degree, in which he learned that people are happier and more prosperous when they are equipped with greater independence and a vision for the future, he thinks of Bitcoin as a tool to allow greater freedoms.

So far, BTC has received an “amazing response from the Bitcoin community,” as Bitcoin miners around the world are eager to lend a helping hand.

“We’ve got over 1,000 followers, and like many private messages too from people asking if we’re where we are, what status we’re in, and if they can support us in any way.”

The Bitcoin pair took out a fiat loan – “we don’t want to sell any bitcoin” – and we started exploring locations in Portugal for building the building. Wolfram shared that he has received a tremendous amount of value from Bitcoiners in the space, encouraging him to continue building the business in a Bitcoin-centric way.

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MTC, founder of Sats Ledger – Bitcoin Savings Book for Kids – told Cointelegraph that he was similarly overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from the Bitcoin community when he started his Bitcoin business. MTC also told Cointelegraph that the reaction from the Bitcoin community has been “exceptional,” and they shared this tip:

“If people have a desire to contribute something or do a side project in this space, I’d say ‘throw your heart into it’ because you’ll get feedback, connections, insights, and experiences from that you wouldn’t have just dreamed of.”

The complete bitcoin bitcoin cart with laser eyes. Source: Twitter

For Bitcoin Hostel, an architecture competition is on its way, caravan secured, and construction should begin early 2023.