The Big Bang Theory star defends her role in The Flight Attendant

hostess He’s back and his heroine, Cassie Bowden, is as exuberant as ever.

Although the character has gone sober since last season’s cheats and now juggles the job of a flight attendant with her new role as a CIA asset, critics and fans have been commenting on her talent for making reckless mistakes.

According to the show’s producer Steve Yuki, this was in part because Cassie was “cruising for recovery” this past season—going down a road strewn with obstacles and mishaps.


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Talking to digital spy And in other media outlets, Kaley Cuoco has also defended her character’s questionable decisions during this season, commenting that despite Cassie’s faults, her remarkable ability to make audiences root for her should be noted.

“Just like season one, you made horrible choices, but you want to do the right thing,” Coco said. “You don’t hate her for that. She’s a likable character. She has a big heart. She’s had a huge trauma in her life. And she’s really trying to turn a new leaf. And I think her friends and family do believe — or most of them.”

The actress went on to say that her character is still trying, and in some ways failing, to keep up with the events of last season, leading her to wear a “facade for all.”

“She’s trying to prove to everyone that she’s better,” she said. “But she hasn’t proven that to herself yet, which is why we have Mind Palace this season, and all these different versions of Cassie that she has to face, because she hasn’t faced herself.”

Kaley Cuoco, hostess season 2


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Cuoco hopes the audience will continue to stand by Cassie and “cheer her, they want her to do well” despite her faults, because the show’s core theme is “self-acceptance and forgiveness – forgiving yourself.”

She added, “I think Cassie is so busy trying to impress the world around her – her friends and family – that she hasn’t yet really looked at herself, and accepted the person that she is. She is a multi-person. We all have different parts of our lives, different personalities, and parts of ourselves that we hate, And parts of ourselves we love. I think that’s the great thing about this season.”

Coco also admitted that she and her character are on a similar journey of sorts: “Being okay with the mistakes we all make every day, and knowing it’s part of life.”

“She sees this journey that she will eventually take and finally fits into her identity. And that’s all we can do in general, as people. I’m working on it myself.”

hostessSeason 2 airs on HBO Max in the United States. In the UK, the premiere will take place at Sky Max in May. The series is based on The book of the same name is written by Chris Bohgalian.

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