Lessons the show can learn from Mina’s story

It’s all over! Emerdel The saga of Mina Gutla’s serial killer finally came to a close this week as the ruthless villain was sentenced to at least 75 years in prison.

When Mina was taken to a dungeon for the rest of her life, she loudly lamented her unfortunate fate as she feared losing the notoriety she had lived on for months.

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Mina’s story is a huge hit Emerdel – Ratings and online buzz for ITV soaps have increased in recent months.

Since some elements of the serial killer saga pay off better than others, we take a balanced look at seven lessons Emerdel Bosses can learn from this crazy chapter. What worked and what didn’t?

1. Reinventing classic stories


For soap lovers, serial killer stories are nothing new. since then Coronation StreetRichard Hillman’s plot was such a hit in the early 2000s that producers of all serial dramas were tempted to bring in a new killer every time ratings needed a boost.

Although there are some exceptions, most of these facts revolve around male opponents who are caught in the act of murder. You know the usual drill: someone is killed in an accident, the person responsible covers them up, then slowly piles more bodies as they try to hide the original crime.

Like Emerdel Producer Kate Brooks recently noted that Mina stood out from the crowd with her sassy ways because she really enjoyed her awful reign. The campy and silly nature of the plot divided fans, but these unique elements also meant it was never boring.

2. Don’t be too restricted to the soap calendar

Emmerdale, Liam


The soaps may air all year round, but we all know there is a certain formula to their stories.

January has often been a big month in the past due to the National Television Awards voting, May is the same for the success of the British Soap Awards, while incredible stunts are often pushed back until October when dark evenings bring regular viewers back to binge-watching the series.

There was an element of this in Meena’s story as well, with big tops airing for Super Soap Week and Christmas. But let’s not forget that the whole story began with Leanna’s death last July, at a time when soap operas usually told boring stories about camping trips and local football leagues.

Broadcasting such a big story during the summer, when episodes were dropping early on ITV Hub due to Euro 2020, kept a sense of momentum on screen during a period often dominated by filler plots. As set Emerdel In good shape for an exciting fall once the summer sports are over.

3. Share the big story lines

Charles Anderson, Manpreet Sharma, Emerdel


Soap regularly prioritizes their well-known family, so EmerdelDingles, East EndersMitchell and hollyox“McQueens are never short of great stories. Unfortunately, sometimes this can mean that new characters fade away after not having a look at them.

Mina’s story challenges this convention with less predictable choices about who should be the center of the action. Paige Sandhu became a superstar as Meena, while other cast members such as Rebecca Sarker (Manpreet), Jonny McPherson (Liam), Kevin Mathurin (Charles), Jay Kontzle (Billy) and Olivia Bromley (Dawn) had major roles in the story.

With top ratings as Meena has taken center stage over the past few months, it has shown that not every story should be dominated by Dingle.

4. Know when to give a story a break

Manpreet Sharma, Meena Gutla, Imardil


One element of Mina’s story that did not work out well is the awkward period between her arrest and trial. This was probably a good opportunity to give the story a break, but Emerdel The bosses clearly loved having Mina on screen and kept her for her prison antics instead.

Although Mina is safely locked up, she pops up time and time again with a new “shock plan” every week. From manipulating Charles, to framing Manpreet with murder, to wooing a prison guard to offer chocolates, Mina has been really busy.

At this point, some elements of the story are starting to feel silly, such as Manpreet’s questioning by the police about her sister’s apparent lies. This led to some fans complaining that the writers were overdoing the candy.

5. Remember the element of surprise

Mina Manpreet Emerdel


Mina’s story is likely to be remembered the most for her unique personality, rather than for the amazing murder. The most surprising murder was Leanna last July, details were kept from spoilers and this was the first time we had seen a Meena attack.

Andrea and Ben’s deaths felt all the more predictable, especially when we saw them catch Mina. As viewers, we knew the producers weren’t going to let Mina’s story end too quickly, so it seemed clear that anyone who bothered her would soon be killed.

It’s fair to point out that killing a big character like Kim Tate or Cain Dingle just for shock value wouldn’t have been very popular with fans either, but it sometimes felt like we missed out on an amazing moment. On the same level as Holly Barton’s death a few years ago.

We also couldn’t help but notice how Mina’s modus operandi seemed to change depending on who she was planning to kill.

If a character is consumable, they will be quickly dispatched into the ring space. If her latest enemy had more prestige on the show, Mina would spend six episodes or fiddle with her plans and give her an easy chance to escape…

6. Remember the consequences

Liam Kavanagh, Emerald


While few fans were taking Mina’s plot seriously, Emerdel She strikes a fine balance between her killer antics and the emotional impact on those who have been affected.

Johnny McPherson did an excellent job portraying Liam’s grief story last year, while there was also an equally strong performance from cast members such as Rebecca Sarker, Kevin Mathurin and Joe Warren Blunt as they portrayed the emotional effects of Manbrett, Charles and Jacob.

Jacob’s involvement also means that there is a strong sense of community, with all the younger and older characters influenced by the story.

Going forward, the show bosses have also promised a big story to Leyla as a result of Meena’s plot, so the fallout should continue over the next few months.

7. Leave the door open for more

Mina Gutla, Emerdel


We’re sure it was tempting to end Mina’s story with the sudden death of the long-running villain, but the producers chose instead to lock her up in prison for the rest of her life.

Of course, given the poor security in soap prisons, the option is there for Meena to re-shock. It is always wise to leave the storytelling options to the future, rather than closing the door completely.

Can Emerdel The team decided to release more Mina’s 50’s crazey Anniversary in October? Or will it reappear for more, when we least expect it?

Emerdel Weeknights airs at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on ITV Hub.

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